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 The Andalusite (Chiastolite) Crystal is a soft brown stone with a distinctive black cross in it.  It is aligned to the root and crown chakras and the earth and air element. Musical notes C and B.

 The Message:

Andalusite (Chiastolite) Crystal Deva image by ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

  We, the andalusite (chiastolite) crystal consciousness come forward to bring a message for humanity. We are a stone that helps to balance the energy in the human operating system on the etheric level, enabling the four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to accept the natural flow of energy from both the cosmos and the Earth to come through in an ideal and balanced manner.

We assist the wearer of our stone to innately understand how to work with each of these bodies by communication through the heart. We energize any chakra in the human operating system and work to repair any damage or leaks in the individual’s auric field, bringing to them a good vibration that resonates within their aura and attracts positive happenings to them. We open both the root and crown chakras so that all chakras can be activated to work together in a unified and coherent manner.

 In this way we are a positive influence which encourages a deep love for all of life on Earth and the Earth itself. We assist the wearer to see the potential, possibilities and spiritual value in all of their life activities. We are a very protective stone and help our wearer to maintain a high energy field around them. This allows a connection with their higher intuitive insights and wisdom so that they stay in tune with their spiritual path and purpose.

 We also help the wearer of our stone by serving as a bridge in connecting them with their higher aspects, which allows these aspects to function and influence every facet of their life on Earth. This influence helps them to bring their creative potential into physical and practical manifestation. We hold an energy that initiates one’s analytical abilities and enhances their problem solving skills. We help them to be aware that life changes constantly and assist them to adapt to the changes that occur in their life and in the world at large in a harmonious way.

Our stone carries a calming healing energy and has a unique ability to assist in making an individual feel confident and secure. We are especially helpful for those who are going through self esteem issues. We encourage an individual to explore their inner spirituality and connect to their soul purpose. We help them release old patterns of conditioning and behaviour and transmute any dissension they are feeling back into harmony. We help to awaken them to the knowledge and reality of their own greater consciousness and connection to the Divine.

Our stone is symbolic of the need for sacredness in each individual’s life. We hold a powerful energy which can help the individual connect to their true essence and their own higher truth so that all illusions are released and the higher aspects of their nature are reclaimed and embraced. This helps the individual to walk their spiritual path in a state of truth and clarity in all levels of their life. We invite the reader of this message to utilize our stone to gain clarity when it is needed.

 We are grateful to have this opportunity to bring our message!

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