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  This beautiful deep forest green stone aligns with the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the third eye chakra and can activate all seven major chakras within the human body. It is aligned to the earth and air element. Musical notes D, F, and A.


The Message:

 Channelled Image of Chrome Diopside Deva by Janine Keall

We, the Chrome Diopside crystal consciousness are delighted to be given this opportunity to speak to you! Our stone emits the green ray and helps the wearer to make a heart based connection with the energy of the planet Earth and to ground them deeply into the core of the Earth. We emit the feminine frequency of the Goddess energy and help to empower both men and women to bring out their unique gifts to share with the world. We resonate with the highest level of Divine truth and facilitate a deeper knowing of the self. This enables the individual to feel, acknowledge and honor their true feelings, thoughts and emotions.

We open the heart and the mind in a balanced heart mind connection which is very important for humanity to accomplish during these times. This action helps the individual open to further spiritual progression through increased intuitional capacities by following their own internal guidance of the path that they, as soul, have chosen to walk in this lifetime. We inspire the wearer of our stone to feel compassion for all beings that live upon the planet and to honor all life. Through our influence, we open the individual up to connect to the higher mental body on the causal plane.  

We gently heal past hurts, trauma and suffering and bring our wearer to forgiveness of self and others. This enables the individual to trust in the universe and all those around them, which opens them to greater spiritual capacities and the dormant gifts that lie hidden beneath the surface of their consciousness. We enable the wearer to release and let go of all unnecessary burdens that overwhelm their capacity to live their life with joy and appreciation. This can bring a cleansing through the process of weeping which releases the grief and tension and brings a sense of a renewed desire to live life to the fullest by allowing the universe to come into their life filling it with loving, healing and nourishing energy.

We open the creative flow which occurs when one is in tune with the cosmic forces of the universe and in harmony with the environment around them. We expand mental faculties for those who pursue higher learning or need to ground the practical aspects of creative pursuits. We enable our wearer to learn quickly and easily assimilate the information they have gained while helping to manifest and achieve their desired goals. We alleviate and soothe fears that may be held within the individual at a very deep level subconsciously. Our stone helps to open the heart chakra on both the physical and emotional level allowing the wearer to experience unconditional love while retaining a sense of detachment.

 Our influence upon the human psyche helps to allow the quality of trust in following one’s own internal guidance through the heart. We are indispensable during these times as humanity struggles with the energy of polarity within the self and the outer world around them. We assist them to achieve the inner balance and the mastery of mental and emotional expression. We assist those who work with us on a spiritual level to be more receptive to information, ideas and guidance being presented to them by their spiritual guides and teachers.

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