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                      CITRINE CRYSTAL 


©Marlene Swetlishoff collection 


 These stones are a golden yellow with gold sparks glittering within. They are aligned with the solar plexus chakra and to the air and fire elements and the musical notes C, E and F.

 The Message:


The above image of Citrine Deva is used with permission from ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


We, the citrine crystalline consciousness are delighted to come forward to bring to humanity this message for the new golden age that is quickly approaching. We bring many qualities to share with humanity. As a crystalline consciousness, we work on the yellow and gold rays in our newly upgraded qualities. We bring the element of reinforcement of personal power within each individual. We bring the abilities and qualities of the central sun - the qualities of warmth, enrichment, empowerment, and enlightenment along with the uplifting emotions of joy and happiness.

 We bring these qualities to each bearer of our stone. This is a function that we are now imparting more than ever before. This is a service that we joyfully anticipate and look forward to fulfilling. Just as every human physical vehicle is being transmuted, transformed and upgraded to their higher aspects, we too, as crystalline consciousness have lain within the Earth waiting for these times in order that we may be utilized in bringing forth healing, upliftment, solace, strength, clarity of mind, clarity of purpose to those who wear or carry our stone.

During ancient times, the citrine was utilized in the process of harmonization within individuals who needed reinforcement to their own soul power, their personal power that was related to the central energy center known as the solar plexus. Our crystalline stone was used to activate and re-energize this chakra. Our stone and its qualities enabled those who worked with us to regain their sense of self sovereignty and personal freedom. This is a boon that is now being returned and as the golden age unfolds, every crystalline being upon the planet is being upgraded and empowered to bring forward such gifts.

 Every crystalline consciousness such as we, the citrine, are also moving forward and we are anticipating working with humanity in joy and service. Everything upon the planet is being uplifted and upgraded, this includes the mineral kingdom. Everyone is advancing, everything is advancing, all consciousness is moving up the scale of frequency, moving into the higher version of themselves - everyone! And so we, as a crystal consciousness continue to serve in the ways that we have before and we also now have added qualities which will become more noticeable as humanity works with us.

 We bring the qualities of the miraculous, the magical qualities, and this is an exciting area that will be explored as the Earth moves higher into the new frequencies. These new frequencies are those that bring love, that open up the heart chakra, but in order for the heart chakra to function harmoniously, one needs to have a cleared solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. All of these work synergistically.

 We, the citrine stone and consciousness can help to clear quickly these areas of concern so that all the energy centers of the human operating system are all aligned in unison to bring in the higher frequencies, in order to integrate these higher frequencies within each energetic center. There are many more subtle chakras within the human system that have not been in use for millennia that are also being given the ability to open up to be utilized in new ways.

These are exciting days and times for all beings upon the planet, seen and unseen, for that which has been unseen is now being captured in photos and shared. There is much magic afoot and we rejoice to be a part of it. Work with us, beloved humans, know that the qualities and elements that we bring will help you, to keep you joyful and always optimistic and positive in your thoughts, words and deeds. We bring ease so that there is no resistance to the energies of joy, peace, harmony and happiness.

We are very grateful and thankful for this opportunity to speak with you. We bless you! So be it!

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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