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             Clarity of Intention


Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

I share this with all of you, as it has clarified for many in my class, "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God," their own clarity of intention for their personal ascension. And, it clearly calls forth many of the Great Masters to assist each. I suggest that this be done using the energy of the powerful Summer Solstice on June 21, 2011, an energy that when used consciously can take an idea or concept and spiral it into an action.

It is also the time to clarify, purify, and release all the remnants of lower consciousness and resistance that would interfere with the merging of your human and Divine bodies, and your human and Divine hearts. Concurrently it is a time of conscious, personal restructuring. Remember you are your Ascension made manifest. Remember you are the change that the world has long awaited, and as such your role in it is vital, regardless of how large or small you may perceive it, it is so. 

For many, there are still more shadows coming up from the bottom of your emotional barrels. Allow whatever needs to, to rise up and move on in love and light. Nothing is wrong. You are doing beautifully. You are courageous, and honored and loved by all of the Cosmos. Keep going, you are in the midst of your glorious re-birth, your ascension.

Everything unlike who you truly are is more than ready to depart from your current reality, so you can hold more Light, preparing a place for your transcendent Self to join you here on Earth, at long last. Let it go, with joy. How beautiful it will be to no longer react to life from an emotional state, though bear witness to it from a neutral state. Liberation!

Each and every one of you has done a brilliant job living out the many parts of your human self that you committed to over hundreds of lifetimes. Now, no more pieces and parts. Now comes the ascended and Divine you, unified. Now, no more polarity as you move yourself into higher bandwidths of energy. Here comes the clear, well intentioned, and cohesive Divine you.

You are like the butterfly in its final stages preparing to emerge, surrendering to a complete transformation, as it becomes clear, not on where it's going, but who it is becoming. This is a potent year, and a potent month of June, with three eclipses and a summer solstice when the final stages of who we were, transcends into who we shall be. This month sets the stage for the 11-11-11. Liberation! 

Fear nothing, resist nothing, accept everything and most importantly love and meet yourself where you are at, along with all others. Be patient with yourself, and all others. Be clear that we are each going through our own transitions and we must love each other through the final stages of release and re-creation.

Since we are in such a potent energy field this month, I invite you to write your own Clarity of Intention Statement for your personal ascension (example below.) Write down what your Ascension looks like, feels like, is like and then read it, ten times in the morning, ten times in the daytime and ten times before sleep.

Know it to be true, trust it to be so, and act lovingly in accordance every single day until you become your own Ascension made manifest on the Earth Plane.

Before you write your intention use the invocation below to power it up significantly, and to have witness to it. (Please feel comfortable to add or change any of the names in the Invocation that you resonate strongly with.)


From The Light of God That I AM, From The Love of God That I AM, From The Power of God That I AM, I Call Forth, Divine Creator Source, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, Adamus, St. Germain, Lady Nada, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, the Divine Essence of our Beloved Mother Earth, and my I AM Presence.

I invite each of you as witness to my Intention of Clarity for my personal Ascension.

I invite you to surround me with your field of energy and lay over me the Ascended Heart and Mind of God. I open myself wide, to receive.

I ask each of you, along with your teams and legions of Light, to Overlight me as I make my final adjustments to clear, love, strengthen, surrender and deeply honor myself during these closing times of one cycle and the opening of another. I open wide, to receive.

I ask to be gently reminded in each moment that I stray from the Mind of God, so I may course correct myself with compassion for myself and all others.

I ask to feel each moment that I stray from the Heart of God, so I may know that feeling, and then, by my own initiative, to swell my heart to infinite and conscious God proportions regardless of any circumstance.

I ask that the vibration and frequency of the Creator Source, God, enter into my body now.

I ask that the vibration and frequency of my I AM Presence enter into my body now.

I ask that the vibration and frequency of all of my Highest Soul aspects on all levels of creation come into union, and enter into my body now.

I ask each of you, great Masters, to powerfully and lovingly hold the space for me to rise up to my greatest Self, free from the burdens of my former lower nature, so I may make my grand ascension by allowing the full descension of the Great Divine to enter inside of my being now.. 

With deep appreciation I accept your love, your support, your guidance and wisdom as I take your vibrations deeply into the temple of my being now.

And so it is, and so I let it be.

(Please take a breath, and feel and honor who and what you have called forth.)

Statement of Clarity (Example)

I _______________ (please state your name) with full intention, and open and humble heart, stand before each of the Beings of Light called forth asking to gracefully and clearly receive all that I require to make my full ascension.

I clarify that I will resist nothing from this day forth. I commit to looking deeply at each experience from this day forth as a blessing sent to assist me in making my ascension. I will identify the blessing, and embrace the blessing, consciously.

I clarify that as I enter into a new cycle of time, I will consciously build my vibration of love, peace, tranquility, joy, multi-dimensional awareness and Divine capabilities of co-creation and collaboration through my own efforts and love, and with your help.

I clarify that I intend to walk this earth clothed as a human though living as a compassionate Master. 

I clarify that I will Steward my energy field consciously toward myself and all others from this day forward.

I clarify that I will consciously merge my Divine Feminine with my Divine Masculine in a sacred ceremony of balance and harmony, love and honor. 

I clarify that I with deep love accept my earthly body fully and will consciously fill it with Light, Love, and Peace, daily.

I clarify that I will fulfill all of the prerequisites required to birth the Heart and Mind of God in me to attain the highest levels of unconditional mind and heart ever known to humankind.

I clarify that I am willing to release my structured mind in each moment and consciously place myself in the flow of potentials that exist for me in God's Mind.

I clarify that my ascension is of the greatest importance to me and that nothing will distract me from its pursuit.

Humbled and honored by the presence of my Creator Source, great Masters and our Beloved Mother of Earth, a Divine Goddess, and my very own I Am Presence, I set out this day on a new journey, a focused journey, a dedicated journey, a liberated journey that will free not only me but this Earth and many more of humankind.

I clarify that I am indeed a God in human form, and from this day forward I shall live as such.

May all experience that I need to complete my journey here on Earth be released in grace and that my intention be heard in all of Heaven and in all of Earth.

Beloved I Am. Beloved I Am. Beloved I Am.

Please take a breath and rest for a few moments in the silence, in the vibration, in the energy, in the momentum, in the flow.

Copyright 2011, Maureen Moss. Please feel comfortable to pass this along or post it, keeping websites intact:





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