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A clear, colorless or white natural quartz stone. This crystal aligns to the crown and third eye chakras and harmonizes all of the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies and all the elements – earth, fire, air, water and starlight. Harmonizes with musical notes A, A+ and B.

The Message:

Clear Quartz Crystal Deva image ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All right reserved. This image is used with permission.

We, the natural clear quartz crystal consciousness are delighted to come forward with our message to humanity as we move into the new golden age.  We have, since the beginning of time upon this planet, been an indispensable crystalline being for those who walked the Earth. In previous golden ages, our crystalline being served many higher purposes. Our crystalline substance was carved into the shapes of the human head and into these shapes many records and data was programmed and embedded. Many stories have been saved so that humanity can access and restore this knowledge in later times, in later epochs upon this planet.

This requires Crystal Readers, those who can decode our messages and this is beginning to occur within many Crystal Readers who are incarnate upon the Earth. We are a crystalline being who is utilized in much of Earth’s new technology and it is because of our being that humanity has progressed in its communication leaps forward. It is our crystalline being that is used in much of today’s technological advances. We were also utilized as a building substance in the days of old. Our chemical composition was duplicated and shaped into buildings, temples and decorative artifacts. This substance was utilized within the healing temples in many different ways. We served and still serve, so many useful and creative functions. We were happy to be utilized in these ways for that was our primary function when we were brought to the planet in the long ago times.

 We are unequalled in bringing forward clarity on many subjects. If an individual holds our crystalline being within their hands as they ask questions that they wish clarity on and then focus upon our presence, invariably they will receive answers to their questions. We are here to serve, that is our primary function and we do this with joy. We are a crystalline being that requires cleansing after every use in order to be at the highest vibration possible so that the individual may receive the most benefit from utilizing us.  It is an easy thing that can be done, either soak our stones in sea salt for an hour or so, or place us on a selenite crystal for about a half hour or place us in the sun for several hours as this also recharges our energy output. If this is done, we will continue to serve faithfully, bringing clarity to those who work with us.

 Upon and around this planet there has been many crystalline grids that have been created and activated and we serve in the capacity to bring in the higher cosmic waves of energy so that these can assist the Earth and all of her inhabitants to move forward into the higher vibratory frequencies which it is now impossible to avoid. These crystalline frequencies rezonate and move across the ley lines, the meridian points and the chakras of the planet. We bring a higher energy which is awakening the people of the Earth and helping them to release all that has been preventing them from remembering the truth of their being, the truth that they are Divine in nature.

Many people still resist this knowledge, many people do not believe that the crystalline beings are conscious and sentient but it is true for every living entity upon the planet, anything that exists on the Earth is a conscious, sentient being. When humanity can accept the crystalline beings as being conscious, there will be many new ways that will come forth and humanity will take a giant leap forward on their soul evolutionary path. We the crystalline consciousness, the clear quartz beings will be utilized in many different ways, ways that are not yet known upon the planet. When the Crystal Readers begin to decode messages and stored data, this understanding and ability on how to utilize our beings in benevolent ways in the future will come to pass.

 This will create a joyous new world filled with magic, wonder and great profound beauty. When humanity learns how to manipulate and manifest our substance and to shape it to their desires, humanity will have moved forward into the new and higher frequencies. Life upon our planet will take a more harmonious and peaceful path and our activated frequency levels will continue in their function in ways of communication that are not yet even discovered. We serve individual humans with joy as they work with us and hold or wear our stone during their meditations, during their manifestation endeavors to bring to their reality all that they wish to create. Together we can make a most positive forward looking difference upon the planet and within every human heart.

We are so pleased to have had this opportunity to speak to our beloved humanity. May all be blessed!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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