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Crystal Skull Message Through the Mitchell Hedges Skull

September 2020

(Note from Marlene: It happens sometimes that I see a picture of a crystal skull and start to receive a transmission from them…this happened yesterday on my facebook newsfeed. As a scribe and channel, I must share what comes forth so that I do not lose my ability to receive.)

We, the Crystal Skull Collective, have formed a conglomerate that is working together in consciousness. There are many of us still hidden from the world and most people on this planet are not even aware of our existence! This does not prevent our combined consciousness from communicating with each of our parts. There are some humans on the Earth who are crystalline in their physiology and this makes them more open to the ability to receive and exchange information with us.

These times that all of the inhabitants on the Earth are experiencing have been predicted throughout the ages. It is now a massive cleansing that is occurring – one that is filled with the intensity of the Light of the Infinite. We, the crystalline consciousness, are also affected by this intense Light. We experience this intensity of Light as a massive download of information that will activate data stored within our crystalline forms. When this happens, it will trigger the awakening of more of humanity, as suddenly many will experience clarity of mind and focus.

There will be messages received by the crystalline humans that we will impart through the means that are available to us in the future. One must resonate in purity with our magnified energy in order to receive our transmissions. It helps very much to have already transformed one’s physical form into the new higher octave field of consciousness. We speak here of the change from carbon based to silica based physiology and being able to sustain a higher vibration within one’s physical body and serve as a conduit for this energy.

As the massive cleansing continues upon the planet, the way forward will keep presenting itself to those who are attuned to receive this information and guidance. This will happen through a small minority of individuals at the most auspicious times in the outward and inward events that will continue to take place. The individual must be able to interpret the signs that are presented in these events and articulate their impressions to share with others. We, the skulls, can be utilized to obtain additional information of importance in that current moment.

We encourage those who are drawn to our physical presence to take the time to attune to us before sitting with us. This will enable greater clarity in the receiving of our transmissions. It is of utmost importance to record the transmissions as they are received, for a delay in doing so will inevitably see a loss of some of the relevant information and content. Carrying a notebook and pen before sitting with us is a crucial practice. Having patience with yourself is important as well.

I am an Ancient One.

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