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 The following crystal consciousness messages are an ongoing list I am receiving which will be eventually published into a book. All copyrights reserved to ©Marlene Swetlishoff. Meanwhile - enjoy their interesting messages!


Clear Quartz Crystal 


Celestite Crystal


Kunzite Crystal


Angel Aura Crystal


Fairy Quartz Crystal


Papagoite Crystal


 Anhydrite (Angelite) Crystal


Moonstone Crystal 


Pink Petalite Crystal 


Ajoite Crystal


Septarian Crystal


Chrysocolla Crystal


Dioptase Crystal


Peridot Crystal


Carnelian Crystal 


Emerald Crystal


Petrified Wood Crystal


 Bloodstone Crystal


Aragonite Crystal


Analcime Crystal


Morganite Crystal


Quantum Quattro Crystal


Rose Quartz Crystal 


Sunstone Crystal


Fossilized Amber Crystal


Ruby Crystal  


Lemurian Seed Crystal


Amethyst Crystal


Sugilite Crystal 


Pink Tourmaline


Optical Calcite Crystal 


Blue Kyanite Crystal


Smokey Quartz Crystal 


Selenite Crystal


Larvikite Crystal


Green Jade Crystal


Charoite Crystal


Citrine Crystal 


Hematite Crystal


Prehnite Crystal



Apatite Crystal 


Hemimorphite Crystal


Chrysoprase Crystal 


Herkimer Diamond Crystal


Sapphire Crystal


Shungite Crystal


Chrome Diopside Crystal


Magenta Aura Quartz Crystal


Aqua Aura Crystal 


Nebula Stone Crystal


Green Fluorite Crystal


Amazonite Crystal


Rhodochrosite Crystal


Stichtite Crystal


Azurite Crystal


Malachite Crystal


Black Quartz Crystal 


Garnet Crystal


Purple Fluorite Crystal


Wulfenite Crystal


Yttrium Fluorite Crystal


Indigo Gabbro Crystal


Lepidolite Crystal


Pink Mangano Crystal


 Labradorite Crystal


Tanzanite Crystal


Blue Calcite Crystal


Black Tourmaline Crystal


Healerite Crystal


Ametrine Crystal


Pinolite Crystal


Green Calcite Crystal


Preseli Bluestone Crystal


Pyrite Crystal


Andalusite  (Chiastolite) Crystal


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