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      MESSAGE FROM MITCHELL HEDGES CRYSTAL SKULL -                                           NOVEMBER 2019


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We come in joy! Every contingency has been taken care of, as the planet as a whole, now ascends into a higher dimensional frequency. This has already been on the cusp of happening for many years and now it is a full-on ascension into a new field of consciousness, a new field that encompasses all that is good within humanity, within the divine aspects within them, within the sacred qualities that need to become expressed by all.

The gathering of information will become much easier for those who have abilities to receive transmissions from other realms and dimensions of existence. As each human awakens, there will be more cohesion within the newly developing field of consciousness. As more of humanity gets on board by awakening to the remembrance that they are so much more than they have ever thought of themselves as being, they will strengthen this field until the time when there will be a big breakthrough – at which point life for everyone will become progressively much easier.  

There is a gathering of the Holy Ones upon the planet. There are alignments and alliances being created which is a very good sign that life upon the planet is making that breakthrough spoken of previously in this transmission. The Holy Ones have also been referred to as the Ancient Ones, the original inhabitants of this planet. They are the ones who created all that one can see, smell, sense and touch, they are the ones who created a beautiful garden of Eden that was to be enjoyed by all citizens in the Galaxy.

The beauty, the wonder of perfect creation was the potential which will be restored as we move upward and forward into this reality. There will come a time when we, the original crystal skulls from ancient times are gathered together. We were meant to be shared with humanity – we were not meant to be hidden – although it is understandable that this is how it turned out given all that needed to be contended with by the inhabitants of that time period.

There will gradually be a greater viewing and sharing ability of the crystal skulls and this will be a great boon to humanity because there will be great numbers of people gathered together and we, the skulls, can join our collective energy to awaken these ones to further remembrance of their ancient origins and that which they came into this world at this time to assist in opening, bringing forth, disclosing and sharing of all information.

For when important information is shared and not jealously guarded, it opens up the way for all of humanity to benefit, to partake of the opportunity to expand their consciousness, to expand their minds, to expand their hearts, to remember that they are all connected to the One, the One Divine Source at the heart of Creation. And so it is! We wait in anticipation of this joyous occasion with hope that it will occur soon.  

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