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                           DAILY PRAYER




My Beloved I AM of my Being.

In and with thee I take my stand for eternity. I come into this day in God, with God, by God and for God.

I will live this day and every day in God, with God, by God and for God.

And I will close this day in God, with God, by God and for God.

 I Am God protected, God purified, God mentored, God connected, God illumined, God healed, God fed, God supplied and I Am God victorious over all that is of a discordant nature in my outer world.

I love the Light and I want to grow in my experience with the Light. I love the Light more than anything else in the world and I know that your Light is all wisdom,love and power within me and in all my experiences in my outer world.

I take my stand in the Light; for I AM the Light. This is the Light I experience in all things in my world. And I AM so grateful. 


Source:   www.radiantroseacademy.com




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