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 Greetings! I am Danus of the Blue Dragon Clan. I come to remind you of the magic and wonder of the world, the universe that you reside within. There is much that is now coming to the surface of humanity’s knowingness and the Dragon Clan is one of these areas. We represent power, individual power in connection with being aligned to the Divine. We the Dragon Clan represent all that is pure and holy - for we have served the Divine before the world was. We serve on the ray of love. We serve in whatever way the Divine instructs.

When the Earth was breathed into existence by Creator Source, we were the forces, the energies that went forth, following the instructions, the vision of the Divine in the Divine’s creation of this planet. We breathe life into nature, we breathe life into the waters, we breathe life into manifestation according to the will and guidance of the Divine. Throughout the ages we have served in this capacity.

We now come forth once again after a long absence upon this planet, for in truth, the Dragonkind could not function in a lower density energy and so we slept until our awakening was brought to us by the ever increasing energies that are now inundating this planet. For it is time once again to create a new reality. And this is where we can serve with the gifts that we bring - into manifestation - the new world reality.

It is up to humanity how long they wish to remain immersed in their dreaming of the world that they were experiencing, the world of opposites, the world of dualities, the world of polarities. There are some of you, those who read these words who are the ones who have awakened from that dream but there are many, many others who have not yet opened their eyes to the wonder and the magic of the world they live upon. It is to these that we wish to be of service, first of all working with the awakened ones, helping to bring back a sovereign power, the Divine power within each human heart.

 We are considered delightful creatures to make acquaintance with, for we carry the aura of purity and great purpose to serve the Divine, the Creator of us all. As the world continues to rise in frequency levels we will be able to manifest and assist those who call upon us and are willing to work with us without fear, for in truth, there is nothing to fear.

The stories that have been told of old, are stories of a time long past when much evil existed upon this world. Those times are now receding, are fading into ancient memories. What is now coming forth is a new beginning, a beginning that can be shaped and woven into any reality that humanity desires. It is a time of new creations and so we come forth – for humanity needs our breath of life from the Creator in order to make these realities happen, in order to make these realities manifest and be created.

We are quiet in our assistance; we work on the subtle, etheric levels. You may see us as a flash of Light, for there are many of the Dragon Clan who are of various colors. I am of the Blue Dragon Clan, I serve Divine Will, for this is the ray of Divine Will, that which Creator desires, we strive to bring into manifestation. The Creator desires at this time more than any other thing, that humanity returns to the Light, the Light of their majesty, the Light of their Divine origins and this is where we can help.

We bring magic; we bring power to one’s intentions and thoughts. We also caution humanity to become the master of their thoughts, for as you are entering this new reality, this new realm, this new dimension, there is a great need to discipline one’s thoughts, for if that is not mastered, it could create chaos in the world around you and that is not what is intended, that is not what is desired for this new dimension coming into formation, into existence.

We, the creatures of other dimensional realms are now more easily accessible but let it be known that our first and foremost consideration lies in serving our Creator. If you see flashes of blue, flashes of gold, flashes of green, flashes of white, pink or other colors of the spectrum – consider that you are being approached by one of us. And so we ask that you look for the magic, we ask that you see a flash of Light.

Our eyes are many facets like a jewel and so when we come into the presence of humanity, we tend to close our eyes, for they can be bewitched and we do not desire to be in control of others, for there is a great price to pay for this for we then become responsible for that soul and all their actions and deeds and we do not wish to take on these energies. So therefore, we are a little shy, but know that our hearts are pure.

Know that we long to have friendly relations once again, with humanity, for you also contain many gifts that you have forgotten that are now surfacing into remembrance. Call upon us, look for us - for we are here, we are waiting to work with you in reclaiming your power.

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