DESONIAN #5 - GALACTIC MASTER

The above image of Desonian, my Galactic Master was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

 “Be at peace. All is unfolding as it should. Enjoy the moments as they come. You are many steps ahead…events must catch up. You can grasp the Gold Ring and all that it means in divine right timing.” ~ Desonian


We continue on with our story…our species survived the harsh and unforgiving environment on the surface of our planet. With our combined genetics, we actually began to thrive. By applying the abilities that were inherent within our combined species, we were able to forge ahead in our evolutionary growth. We expanded our consciousness and understanding in many facets of growth potential. Our people had inquiring minds and sought to expand beyond the confines of the prevailing collective consciousness into uncharted new territory which helped move our civilization to progress further in our potential.

 We discovered we had the ability to discern future trends and events so that our civilization could capitalize its potential by taking advantage of opportunities that were presented by the forces at work. In this manner, our civilization grew and prospered by leaps and bounds. Our people were open to explore new worlds and worked together to experience growth potential. Our quest for knowledge beyond the normal bounds was unquenchable and was enthusiastically embraced by the majority of the inhabitants of our planet.

 Our people maintained their connection with Divine Source. The Galactic High Council worked in unity with us and in this way we avoided the pitfalls that other species on other planets had to experience. We took our place in the Galactic Confederation of Planets and became Ambassadors for both our planet and the Confederation. We began to travel to the many diverse planetary systems that exist in Creation. We met many species of beings and shared our knowledge, methods and technology with them and they shared what was new to us, in turn. Our sector of the cosmos began to thrive in many ways and this had a beneficial effect upon all beings in our sector of the cosmos.

 We expanded our reach to include other planets in other solar systems and welcomed them into the Galactic Confederation of Planets. We worked together in peace, harmony and cooperation in order to establish a network which served the highest good of all members of the Confederation and their civilizations. The Ambassadors from each planetary system would meet regularly to discuss any problems and challenges that came to light so that a satisfactory solution could be discussed and agreed upon. The focus was always on what served the highest good for all planets and their citizens in the Confederation.

As we expanded this network and continued to explore and investigate other sections of the cosmos, we came across beings upon planets that were in the beginning stages of their evolutionary journeys and allowed these to become part of our network. This proved to be a challenge to the entire structure that had been successfully established, as these beings did not hold such high standards of conduct and integrity as the members of the previous Confederation of Planets. There arose many disagreements and resistance to the already established methods of operation within the Confederation and this led to war within those factions of beings who could not resolve their differences in more spiritually mature ways and this created chaos and havoc in the cosmos.

...to be continued 

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