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 Greetings! I am Desonian and I am one of your (Marlene's) Galactic guides. I am part of a Council of Light that oversees your Galactic learning and mastery levels. I have stepped forward in this moment as spokesperson. There are many of us who hold a place on this Council and we can step forward to work with you as it becomes necessary in your growth, learning and understanding. 

We are a group of Beings who travel the Universe and Galaxy gathering information about many things and then we disseminate the information we gather with others. As we learn and grow and expand our understanding and gain knowledge, we share our learning and understanding, for such is the way amongst the Galactic civilizations. Knowledge is freely shared, for it is recognized that when one of us evolves, it greatly affects the entirety of the Creators larger universe in its journey of discovery and soul evolvement. 

We are a conglomerate of different species of beings that work together harmoniously. I am a humanoid/avian species of being. Our species developed on a planet in the solar system that required the integration of two species in order that survival on our planet was assured. As such, our combined genetics has become the standardized form upon our planet. Our combined genetics gave us the ability to see beyond what is on the surface of situations and to look deeper into what exists there. This gave us the gift of farsight and the ability to stretch our consciousness beyond seeming limitations to see from a higher perspective.

This ability helps in the raising of frequency within the collective consciousness and takes situations and ideas to higher levels of knowing. In essence, this enables the human consciousness ‘to go where no one has gone before’ and facilitates the expansion of thought and the creation of new ways of doing things that honors all life that exists in its immense diversity in all parts of the greater unified fields within existing Galaxies. 

You are of the human species but you wanted to acquire the abilities that we hold and so we took you on as one of our students. You are learning to delve deeper into all situations that you encounter in order to understand and accept a new perspective. This at times, is difficult for you, but you are a willing student who is keen on advancing your abilities in order to serve on higher levels of service to the Divine. This apprenticeship, if you will, is helping you to raise the bar on the consciousness of the beings on the planet Earth as you assist them by seeing, sensing and feeling, and then sharing, what you gather in this experience as you do so. This can be likened to the term ‘system buster’.

There is always an ongoing expansion of consciousness and once one has graduated from the Earth school of life having learned all of its lessons, they continue on to pursue greater knowledge and acquire greater and greater skills in the arena of the embodying of one’s higher and higher aspects of being. Learning is an inherent right of each Being in the Galactic realms and greater access is given the more one learns to use their power for the greater good of all. As always, one has to earn this right and privilege before one acquires this access. 

I AM Desonian, Galactic Master 

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