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Image Source ©Marlene Swetlishoff, owner of this tiny gem

Associated with the heart and thymus (higher heart) chakras, also helps stimulate the third eye chakra. Aligned to the Air element. Aligned to musical notes F and A.

The Message:

We are a powerful crystalline being which can help an individual release and let go of feelings that are detrimental to their health and overall well being. We help bring cleansing energies which helps allay feelings that impede the optimum functioning of the heart chakra, higher heart chakra, the nervous system and upper chest area. As we clear these detrimental energies and stored emotions, we impart a sense of renewal, hope and new beginnings to the one who utilizes our energy.

We radiate a beautiful clear and intense emerald green light that can open one’s heart chakra, enabling a powerful healing to take place as deeply held feelings of past hurts, emotional pain and crystallized fear are transmuted and dissolved. This is a very liberating experience for the one who has desired such healing. Playing music with D minor notes magnifies the healing frequencies we contain.

In the long ago past, the Atlantean civilization utilized our crystalline being in their healing temples and were able to replicate our crystalline structure into healing tables/beds that people would lay on while healing tones were sung by the sound healers. This excited the magnification of the healing frequency of the table/bed which then permeated the auric field of the patient and made beneficial changes in their etheric fields which then effected healing changes within their body system.

When an individual utilizes our vibrant crystalline frequency, they feel more balanced and whole and this helps them enjoy greater harmony and clarity in their mind. The feeling of happiness and well being is a constant and ongoing state of being. Happy and healthy individuals create a peaceful and uplifting environment for everyone around them and this is a desired outcome.

This opens one to the higher frequency levels which facilitates the occurrence of communication with the beings in the higher realms of life. We also bring about a loving change within an individual in a way that can transform their personal life through the change in their attitude regarding the part that love plays in their life. This is a total transformation that occurs from the inside out. We are tiny but very powerful in our effects.

What a joy it is to speak to you!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama.

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