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                              DIVINE GODDESSES 

The above image of Lady Isis was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

Beloved Ones,

We come on the wings of love, the three of us, to speak with you about the Divine energy that is flowing down into the Earth and into the hearts and body systems of every man, woman and child upon this Earth. This is a very, very powerful energy, and we, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Isis, call upon the healers in the world who are working with the energies of the Earth to practice your Earth and planetary healing with great diligence, from this point forward. Your participation in this is so very, very important and we call upon all who work with the Earth energies to help in this endeavor.

There is much that is occurring upon the surface of the Earth and there are many weather anomalies.  Where once there seemed to be a lot of sunshine, these areas will get rain and clouds, and those areas that have been experiencing much rain and precipitation will receive sunshine. These constant weather changes will continue in the days ahead and the people of Earth must adapt themselves to these weather changes and be patient, for this is also a temporary situation, temporary in terms of many years in your linear sense of timing.

We say to the women of the world, it is now time for those who work with us and the Goddess energy to step forward and shine your Light. Take off the cloak of invisibility you have worn about you and make your presence on this Earth known as the Divine Goddess that you are. The time for the need to hide is over. The time to come forward and shine your Light and deliver your love is upon us.

There are many Goddesses overlighting their human self ready to integrate with them and these are anchoring into their human forms in the days ahead. As this occurs, those who are the human lifestream of a Divine Goddess, will know who and what they are. They will stand in their Light and they will set to work upon the tasks for which they have come to the Earth. They will begin to create order out of the chaos, they will cleanse and heal.

They will bring in the NEW - the new energies, the new technologies, the new thoughts, the new feelings, the new ways. Humanity shall know these as Emissaries of the Light of God that never fails. Life will take a decided and wonderful turn for the better for all of humanity, for these Divine Beings carry the Christed Sun within their hearts. They radiate the Christed Sun within their communities, and this Light that they radiate has the ability to spread far and wide.

The Divine Goddesses have seeded themselves throughout the Earth in strategic positions, and we will say that many of those who have been drawn to this website are those who will be awakening, those who will step forward and begin the mighty task that is ahead for us all. We will work together in unison with you and with all of humanity… for this is not about a gender issue, this is about bringing balance to the Earth, balance in ALL things upon the surface of the Earth, upon and within each human being, within nature, within the animal kingdoms. This balance is now of prime importance and this is what we are working in unison to accomplish.

Know, Beloved Ones, that now the task of the Divine Plan begins in total earnestness but it does not have to be total seriousness…for the feeling of joy, the upliftment that the feeling of joy brings, is very important at this time.  We ask all of you, including the male members of humanity, to practice feeling joy within your heart, for this immediately raises your energies and the energies of everyone around you.  With your ability to radiate your energies far and wide, this can have a tremendous impact upon everything and everyone on planet Earth.

Shine your Light, Beloved Ones. Seek the kingdom of God within you, reach deep. Spend time each day going within and practicing stillness, that you may tune in to instructions and guidance from the Creator, from your full Presence. We, the three of us, wish to state that we are available at all times to give assistance, to give clarification, to give inspiration to each and every one of you. Beautiful Ones, do call upon us at any time of the day or night, we are always available.

United we are, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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