zambian emerald rough 

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This beautiful deep translucent green crystal is associated with the heart and thymus (higher heart) chakras and the air element. Musical notes G minor, complementary note, B sharp

 The Message:

The Emerald Crystal consciousness greets you! We are the crystal of the heart of universal love and beauty. We are coming into greater service in the new age that has dawned. Our color and frequency helps to clear and dissolve any blockages that need to be looked at and we help balance and harmonize an individual’s energy field. We are an excellent stone to use to reenergize and rejuvenate the physical and mental bodies.

We are the stone of truth! We encourage an individual to look at self in honest evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses and seek to know themselves with greater clarity. Through the individual’s courageous willingness to change whatever is needed in order to gain in spiritual understanding, we help in the alchemical process of purification of any dense energy still in need of transmutation and further refinement.

In the temples of Atlantis, our crystalline mineral composition was utilized in creating tables/beds for healing and for rejuvenating the physical body in order to maintain a youthful appearance. We have the ability in unity with the aragonite crystal to help with restructuring of the cells that make up the human body.

With renewed clarity, a person gains freedom from illusion and this gives them the ability to know their next step and what they must do to take it. This gift of clairsentience and precognition is invaluable on a soul’s evolutionary journey back to the Source of All That Is. The deep green ray of our crystalline being resonates with renewal and regeneration, life force and healing.

Our beautiful green color can help with the manifestation of abundance and prosperity in one’s everyday life and in all facets of their existence. It is the color of growth of all that is new and sacred. We elicit the feeling of expansion, abundance, great wisdom, peace, contentment, order and harmony. Through these qualities, deep healing is accomplished.

We are honored to share these words with you!

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