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This beautiful soft earth colored stone aligns to the sacral and heart chakras and the water element. Musical notes D and F sharp. It supports the release of old strongly held beliefs that no longer benefit. Assists with issues of abandonment, creates emotional balance, as it stabilizes and cleanses within the etheric body.

 The Message:

In love and joy, we come to bring a message of peace and love from our kingdom. We wish for you to know that the Fairy realms exist alongside your own. We ask you to believe in us, for when enough of humanity believes in our existence, we become visible to them. We vibrate in the frequency of love and joy and take delight in bringing these qualities to the human kingdom.

We are creatures of wonder and magic and manifest these wonders in places of magic, such as forests, woods and gardens. Wherever there are growing things, there will we be also. Our Divine task is to manifest life force for the different species of the plant kingdom and we are assigned and oversee the species that is our responsibility.

We are also beings of luminous Light as is humanity in their true form. We inherently know that as we perform our service to the plant kingdom, our own Light, learning and evolvement takes place. So it is with humanity, if they would only ponder on this important truth.

Through this message and others like it, we attempt to re-establish good relations with the human kingdom and ask that you think of us and begin to communicate to us. This will help to re-establish a strong, powerful and essential connection between us. Open to the magic of this connection by holding the Fairy Quartz crystal in your left palm as you take a few moments when you are outside in nature or near a plant within your home. This daily practice will establish your sincere desire to have a connection with the Fairy realm.

When you do this, you will begin to receive messages, knowledge and guidance from our realm. This guidance will come through ideas or images of what your plant species requires most to grow and thrive in its present environment. Sometimes, you will be led to move a plant species to a different location as it will be a more conducive one to its growth cycle.

We attend those who recognize our presence and function and help their gardens and forests flourish with wondrous life force energy.

In the future, as more knowledge becomes available, working with our collective crystal consciousness will bring new ways of promoting more rapid and abundant food growth which contains more vital pranic life force energy and this will bless humanity with greater health, vitality and longevity.

We thank you for your time and attention. It has been an honor to speak to you in this way.

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