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I am sharing a Reading I had last year through Jocelyn Joy Thomas. This is an excerpt from it that I realized Mother/Father meant to be shared with others. Love Marlene


We are very honored and happy to speak to you…you are a brave soul come to the planet to help others, to lead the way, to direct. You may at times think that you have forgotten your way but this cannot be and what you must do is to check inside and you will find your way once more. Your inner guidance is strong and it has been made that way because you are meant to lead others. If you were to look behind you, you would see a sea of Light representing all the souls that you have helped and will help.

It is as if you are taking them on a long journey showing them the direction towards home. This is part of your life’s work, to lead the way. Do not worry; you have many guides that will help you to know which way to go. It’s important that you don’t feel burdened in this life work, that it is something that you wanted to do, and that your soul continues to want to do.

The best way to go about work like this is to take yourself out of it as much as possible, so try instead to think of it as if you are within a group, and you are within a group of Lightworkers that are also showing the way. This group you are in is smaller than the group that you lead, but it is still a group nonetheless. And within this group there are those of you who are maybe still finding your way and that is fine.

The thing to remember is just to keep following your inner direction because you do know the way. It’s ingrained within your being. You cannot get lost but you can pause because if you ever want to take a break, if you ever want to slow down, if you need to stop and reflect, that it has been allowed. It has been foreseen, but you want to remember to pick yourself back up and continue on because there are others who are following you.

We want you to know that as you live your life and as you work through the things that you are experiencing, the different life lessons, the different people that come and go, your awareness becomes more and more heightened and we want you to use this awareness in your work so that you seem to think that you are able to look at this in a new Light, in a new way.

Please apply it to your work, you might think that something is mundane and doesn’t need to fit into your work, but in reality, everything that happens is meant to go into your work - even the simplest of things, so please know that all that happens in your world is meant to help you on your path, and in a larger sense, to help everyone.

One of the greatest lessons we can give you is to remember that there is absolutely no separation between you or anyone else and as such, anything that you feel or go through is shared by the collective. This means that anything that you learn, they learn too - but it can be helpful if you show them how, it can be helpful if you take them and show them the way and so this is the heart of what your life work is about. In time, the work you do will elevate, it will become something that has more to do with speaking a language of higher truth rather than having to teach it.

It’s as if you  have been teaching someone how to speak English and then suddenly they become fluent in it and you are able to have a full discussion, and that’s how it will be with people in your life that you are teaching, so maybe it will be more one on one at first and in groups later and as you’re reaching out to groups, you are speaking in this language fluently and people are receiving it and they are understanding it collectively and then the combined frequency of the group including yourself, is raised, is heightened again and again and again. And the more people you reach in this manner the better. Some of them, some of them may not be ready but you’ll be planting seeds for future lifetimes and most who come to you will be ready. It will be their time to hear, to receive and to transform.

You asked about the Temple of Truth. This is a project that your soul has planned for so very long and with that, many other souls as well. It is important that you have great respect for it and also great passion and excitement. What will this be and how will it show up and what will I do and how will it all come together? Indeed, even we don’t know exactly because it will depend on many, many voices and it will depend on the actions, the choices of those people. And there will be no wrong way. Yes, that’s a good thing to know. There is no wrong way. We want you to know that any creation is a thing of beauty. Set your intention and set it very clearly and it will be a thing of beauty.

The Way is always towards the Truth, towards the Light and towards your passion. It is also towards those people who are meant to help you because it is always a collective effort. And people will help you in different ways. Be open to how that may come in. They may help you in ways that you think aren’t very helpful but in time, when you look back, you’ll understand. We want you to look at any conditioning that you have that may be holding you back, any doubts or limitations, any fears or resistance. Please be sure to clear these.

We want you to be a vessel, one that can hold Light, one that can share Light. We also want you to know that you have been doing work that has been increasing in difficulty and that this is also for a purpose. That it is a way of teaching you and preparing you because Spirit always knows what you are supposed to be doing, what your next step is, what your soul’s intention is.

So the work that comes in and the experiences that come in do support just that and this never ends. You are always being prepared, always being prepared for the next step. The more you are able to witness this, the easier it will be and you’ll see how life fits together nicely, how everything happens, and nothing happens, without a good reason. It may be to teach you forgiveness or how to let go or see things on another perspective, but there’s always a reason.

People have a hard time with that, they think that sometimes things just happen and indeed, there can be things that just happen, but its your response to those types of things that matter and that’s what the point is of saying there’s always, always a reason, there’s always wisdom. And so at this time too, you will be noticing that your abilities are changing, that they are growing, that what you can do is something that’s going through transformation. This too, is part of the plan and all is well.

Please trust in these changes, please flow with them, move with them, go with them! Know that they come in at the right time and for the right people and for the right purpose. And that the more you surrender to the entire process, the easier it will be and the higher your vibration will go and the more you will accomplish in this lifetime. And the peace that follows is an indication of doing just that.

So know that everything that you have been doing, everything that you have done and that you will be doing, is part of the Divine Plan, part of your Plan, part of the Plan that you wanted to do before coming and part of the Plan that incorporates other people as well so that collectively you are achieving this. These dreams, these goals, these inspirations, they all come to you now, it is time! The time is NOW! There is no more waiting. There is nothing else but NOW. Embrace this and walk your Path proudly, for it is with great effort that you have come here. Do not waste this effort. Spread that message. All of you, every one of you! Dedicate yourselves to the Light and this work. It is with great effort, please see that. 

Now, continue on with that effort and make it mean something - change; change and transform, inspire - inspire one another, inspire yourself! This is what you are meant to be doing. This is at the heart of it. And it is a joy to be able to do it! For so long, this type of expression couldn’t be sustained while incarnated, only fragments of it, only momentary glimpses, NOW, you are all witness to a major, major transformation. So enjoy it! Partake in it! And most of all; roll up your sleeves and get very, very busy.

We are Father and Mother God.

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