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                            ASCENSION DECREE


Given by Angel Ishmael on March 2006 
through channel Edwin Courtenay 
on a Yahoo Group that is no longer in existence….
Read the entire message at this link: (I could not fit it here...)
"I call upon the light of Ascension, the platinum white ray.  
I call upon the power of natural and organic spiritual growth.  
I open myself to the light of the Divine and my "I Am" presence. 
I invoke it.  I call it down into my heart.  
Purge and clear me of all that I am ready to release.  
Of all that I have surpassed and no longer have need of, 
be it thoughts or feelings, be it memories or energies
within my spiritual and physical bodies.  
Shine through me, light of the soul, light of the Higher self, 
light of the "I Am".  Purge me, transform me, 
remake me in the image of the Divine Source.  
Grant me Ascension in accordance with 
the right time of the universe. 
Let me be free.  Let me be free.  Let me be free."





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