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                    FROM VENUS THEY CAME

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 The Message:

We come on the wings of love! As representatives of the Venusian Collective, we wish to impart this discourse to the people of Earth. There is a very close tie between the planet Venus and the Earth. Many millennia ago, it was our beloved Regent, Sanat Kumara who volunteered to hold the space of Light, love and higher frequency for the Earth when she was in jeopardy because of too much darkness and density surrounding her. We who are part of the Venusian Collective chose to accompany our Regent to do this Great Work. It was a great work and we knew that it would involve eons of time in order to complete the task.

We chose to be a part of it! Those who came from Venus included the Avatar Christ who brought the energies of love, awakening and enlightenment to the planet Earth and her inhabitants. There were many others who worked in unison with the Avatar Christ over the millennia to awaken and help humanity to maintain the frequency on the planet that would help to keep the Earth from being destroyed and lost to the darkness that enfolded her. We came ahead of Sanat Kumara in order that we might make a suitable home for our beloved Regent.

We created the place now called Shamballa in the Gobi desert. It was not a desert at that time, and it is here we created Shamballa, a place of the highest Light, a place of love and the highest frequency as a suitable abode for our Regent and for those who would aspire to become a member of this group. We, the Venusian's from the planet Venus, brought our higher frequency energies to this planet. It was for this great task and for these times that we did this, for now all is changing and transforming as was envisioned in the long ago time. For it is now, at last, that humanity is awakening and remembering their great potential as Divine humans.

This was something that was not evident when first we came to the planet Earth. Humanity’s Divine nature was not known or remembered but now it is on the verge of becoming embraced by the majority of humanity and we rejoice! Make no mistake, we are not claiming that this will happen in an instant, what we are saying is that humanity is well on the path. It may take more time to bring this into fruition but it is surely going to happen and this is a great accomplishment for those of us who came so very long ago.

 Although Shamballa exists on the subtle planes, we see that more of humanity will be able to come to Shamballa, to remove their footware and walk across the marble bridge to the great abode of the Holy Ones. There is a new Regent that oversees this planet and our illustrious leader Sanat Kumara has returned to Venus but still makes his presence known in order to assist the new Regent in his duties. Guatama Bhudda is the new Regent of Shamballa and he is the Overseer of all that happens to this planet. Be assured that every happening upon the planet is being observed, is being overseen and directed to the highest outcome that was envisioned millennia ago by Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 Oversouls that joined in this effort.

The DNA of the Avatar Christ is now flowing within the veins of every soul upon the planet. It is Divine in nature so that should inform the people of the Earth that they are much more than they have ever dreamed possible. Not only do they carry the DNA, the best characteristics of other Star Nations in the Galaxy but also they carry the Venusian high frequency of love.

There yet remains the understanding of humanity that they have these wondrous abilities within them, this great potential to reconnect with the God kingdom, to reconnect with their highest potentials and bring them forth to create Heaven on Earth, to restore beauty, peace and harmony to their world. This is the next step and the next phase in the overall perspective of the happenings and movements forward for this planet. This is a great blessing in the making, for as this Light, this love, this awakening, and this expansion occurs; it radiates out to the rest of the Star Nations on every planet throughout the Galaxy, for indeed, all is One.

 Please ponder on this in the days ahead.

 We are The Venusian Collective

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