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                  LADY GAIA AND GODDESS PELE 

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Beloved Ones!

We come forth to speak to you of our great gratitude for the work that you are doing upon this beautiful planet Earth. I am Lady Gaia and with me is the Goddess Pele. There has been much activity within my planetary body and upon the surface. This is unavoidable at this time. There are many working with us to ensure that there is the least amount of damage to humanity and all the kingdoms upon this Earth but sometimes, during the great cleansing, it is unavoidable. Please send Light to those who are affected at this time.

 Beloved Ones, there is much activity within me now, in the great rivers flowing through me, the great rivers of fire, the great rivers of water, there is so much happening. It is wonderful for me, Lady Gaia, to see and feel this and to know that I am loved by those upon the surface of this world, to know that there are children of God, of the Light, who truly care about me. I. Gaia, and Goddess Pele have been working together in unison. Goddess Pele works with the Family of Light and the Galactic Family of Light. All are working together in unison for the highest good of all concerned.

 Those of you who are deeply connected to me, work with me in alleviating certain areas, know that you are greatly appreciated and known intimately to me. Your work each day and when it is most necessary, is immensely, tremendously helpful at this time. The great change is upon us, Dear Ones, and I, through the resurrection dispensation, have intended that you and all the kingdoms upon this Earth rise with me into the higher vibrations. Many there are who are not yet ready and yet, there is a great awakening happening within them and this will continue in the days ahead. More and more will awaken and they will remember their connection to Divine Source and it is gratifying for us to see this and know this.

The long ages that I have waited, the ages and ages of time that I have waited is now beginning to bear its harvest of God’s children awakening to their great potential, to the remembrance of the glory that they truly are, their true origin in the realms of the Divine. Together we shall move further forward into the new Golden Age. Know that you are all loved beyond measure. Know that your love and your dedication to the Earth and its lifewaves is most deeply appreciated.

I AM Lady Gaia and stands with me, Goddess Pele

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