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 January 6, 2018



 Marlene: “Desonian’s message to me in regards to the unexpected (and jaw dropping) revealment of the incarnate identity of my twin flame in December 2017. I have gone through life hardly dwelling on this re-union very much as my inner sense felt I did not have a twin, incarnate or otherwise. My belief was that it was something a soul earned by diligently following the spiritual path.

 Currently, I have gotten over the shock of it all and now feel I must have done something right after all! I have never met this awesome person in Earth real time reality. There has been much purging and cleansing within me of a ‘not good enough…why would he want me, it can’t be me’ program - along with seeing all the obstacles that I have to overcome to feel prepared for this to take place - this has come up very vehemently and intensely three times so far. I hope I am done with that now.”

Desonian: “You have already had the core realizations of this initiation but want to move forward instead of allowing it the fullness of time to unfold. You have been given the information. We suggest you feel the joy of the realization you have been given and be patient. Just allow this process to unfold naturally. It has been set in motion and cannot be changed. It is a fated event and brings many blessings. You are not only a ‘system buster’ but a creator being, along with your twin, destined to join together to facilitate the transformation of humanity and the planet Earth.

We ask you to be at peace – nurture yourself and send loving thoughts of support to your twin, for he is also experiencing what you are experiencing – this is a process of purifying, acceptance, allowance and opening of the heart to true unconditional love. This union could be termed ‘one in a million’ but the odds are even greater than that, more like ‘one in a billion’. Do not fear your destiny or to love!

 Your twin is feeling the same anxiety and has the same concerns as you – but we say to you – it is a valid experience – your telepathic communications are real. It is difficult to accept that another seemingly separate being can be so uncannily attuned to you - he knows your thoughts and concerns and mirrors these to you. This is the key – to delve deeper to the heart of things and situations and trust what is coming through.

 You have the heart, it is willing and being courageous – now just let it be. You are delightfully on track on your destiny path. Many things will change in the process; identity of self will encompass also identity as a unit, as one heart, one mind, one soul. This is a stellar event that waited 50,000 years to happen. A few more years until the time is right should be easy in comparison. We say well done to you both!”

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