GARNET CRYSTAL

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   This beautiful red crystal is aligned with the root chakra and the Earth element. It is aligned with the musical note C and B.


The Message:


 Channelled image by ©Janine Keall

 We, the Garnet Crystal consciousness step forward to let humanity know that we bring renewing and revitalising energy to those who work with us. Through our red ray influence, we activate the root chakra and cleanse any long standing blockages in this energy center. This releases a great amount of trapped energy which can move further up the spine, cleansing and clearing the higher chakras. Sometimes this opening may seem overwhelming and this is because we have awakened the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. We awaken the spark of the Divine within and it is a powerful force!

When this occurs, the individual must deal with the sudden opening of long stored hidden thoughts, feelings and emotion that were suppressed and repressed in the current lifetime and also past lifetimes. It can be quite difficult for the individual to adapt, process and balance these energies but the end result of these awakened energies is well worth it, for as these energies are awakened within them, they bring a connection with their higher consciousness, their Divine Essence. At this point, the individual is now able to access higher wisdom and knowledge.

This is the ultimate reason and purpose for incarnation in a human body and the awakened individual begins ‘burning off’ (purifying) all lower energies that still reside within their auric field. This can sometimes result in the experience known as ‘the dark night of the soul’. It is a period of temptation for the evolving soul, a time when they will experience many conflicting emotions and thoughts that could take them off the spiritual path that they have chosen. Thus, it behooves the individual to be totally committed to the evolution of their soul before beginning to work with us.

We also bring healing energies to the human body and revitalise the entire human operating system. Many times, it is the lack of grounding of the red energy at the base of the spine housed in the root chakra that causes imbalance within the body which if neglected can lead to illness. Daily work with the seven chakras will prevent illness and imbalances from occurring.

We are aligned to the creation energy, the life force energy which is a stimulating and active energy so when an individual works with us, they must be prepared to take assertive action in all aspects of their life. Many times this is the missing ingredient for many souls and can create stagnation and too much passivity in their character. We help these ones move confidently forward in all their endeavors.

 The Healing Temples of Atlantis utilised our energies to stimulate healing within the physical body, for they understood the necessity for the infusion of the red ray in the maintenance of physical health, energy, vitality and well being within the human operating system.  We await the brave souls who see the necessity of utilising the qualities we bring to the human family in willing determination. In blessing, we leave now.

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