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                                   GODDESS AMY 

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 I come swiftly on wings of love with deep gratitude for this connection. I have been standing in line a long time waiting for this chance! (Note from Scribe – I felt deep gratitude from her which brought tears of emotion from within me - Goddess Amy is twin flame to Steven North of Heart Activation Music and is his Spiritual Guide in this moment of now.)

I am a Goddess who carries the energy of purity from the Angelic realms. There are many Goddesses overlighting their twin flame masculine counterpart who is incarnate upon this planet during these times. There is a coming into alignment with higher frequencies, a movement, waves of energy, if you will, of the union of souls who hold the other polarity to their masculine or feminine counterparts.

 These waves are becoming more intense and urgent for these ones. At some point in the future, there will be a coming together of many twin flames in Earth real time reality and that reality is even now creating a powerful frequency of higher Light, love, joy and bliss within the collective consciousness of humanity. This is a love so powerful that it will serve the higher purpose of awakening the Divine spark that lives within every human heart.

 Resistance to this powerful energy is futile – for the Divine has decreed this awakening dispensation of highest Light and love in order to bring healing and blessing to all life upon this planet. In whatever way is needed by each individual, this dispensation will facilitate the great awakening of their hearts and souls to the remembrance of the greater reality of the God kingdom that seeks to re-establish itself upon the planet.

This planet was always intended to be a living garden of all that is the finest and best attributes of the glory of the Divine Creator. Buried within the Earth are ancient records of knowledge and wisdom that are even now being discovered in various areas of the planet. It is only the beginning of a new way of living that will free all inhabitants from the old paradigm of third dimensional consciousness with its rules and regulations that do not serve the highest good of the inhabitants of the new Earth reality that is now being established upon this magical planet.

Once this impetus of awakening takes place and takes root, there will be an accelerated spiritual renaissance of creative spiritual technology and new systems that are actually of great benefit and enhancement to the Earth and her inhabitants. As humanity and this world are fully integrated in all aspects of unity consciousness with the acceptance of all life within and upon this planet, the beauty of it will come shining through. In cosmic terms, this day is fast approaching on the horizon. Be at peace, for all is well.

I AM Lady Amy

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