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                            GODDESS APHRODITE 


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Greetings from Venus!

I come on wings of love! I am Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty. As I look upon the Earth from my vantage point, I see your world going through an initiation that is and will continue to profoundly awaken the souls on Earth to the love and beauty that resides within their hearts. This love is in perfect alignment with the most sacred qualities of the Divine spark that lives within them. This love has been denied for millennia and kept suppressed through contrary messages that have held sway over humanity for far too long. This love and the profound beauty of it will blossom and flower into life in the way of the rose, symbol of all that is pure, innocent and whole.

The people of Earth will be awakened as the force of this Divine love opens their hearts to the truth of their own purity, innocence and goodness. They will begin to remember that they are powerful and sovereign beings who can choose, through God given free will choice, to live a more refined, enlightened and illumined existence that is in complete harmony with the universe and its inherent laws of conduct. They will see that this path was available to them all along and will make conscious choice to live in alignment with their truth.

There is a balancing taking place within the Divine Feminine aspect of the Godhead. This activity will bring to the forefront the qualities that are needed to bring order out of chaos through loving and peaceful means in ways that set a new template, a new example of the way forward to creating a new reality upon the Earth and her inhabitants. There is already a balancing taking place between masculine and feminine life streams that are incarnate here on Earth. Womankind is being honoured and respected for the important roles that they play in daily life. No longer will they be taken for granted and overlooked in favour of the masculine gender.

 Every soul will be seen as giving unique and important qualities to the continued enhancement and expansion of the combined civilization upon an ever more illumined existence upon their planet. This will bring awareness of the vastness of their membership in a grand Galactic civilization. It will open up new frontiers of exploration and discovery as humanity takes on the Divine responsibility of self governance, always living in highest alignment with the highest good for all of life.

To this end and outcome, we, the Goddess energy and consciousness, bring nurturing kindness, love and support to all of life upon this planet. The unity that comes from all of Earth’s inhabitants working together in oneness will bring miraculous benefit not only to the Earth and her inhabitants but to the entirety of cosmic existence in Prime Creator’s worlds without end. At last, humanity and the Earth will come home.

I AM Aphrodite.

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