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                         CELTIC GODDESS BRIGID


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I greet you!

I come on the wings of love! I am Brigid of Celtic tradition. I am known throughout Ireland as Goddess of hearth and home. I come to bring a message for these times upon the Earth. The people of the Earth have fallen away from connection to the natural world and the planet which is their home. This has created a society of technologically proficient humans who are losing touch with their inner wisdom and innate healing abilities because they do not give their physical bodies enough fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

 Each of these is very important for the physical, emotional and mental health of each person. One has to be connected and grounded into the planet to maintain balance and equilibrium, for in this way one can stay in a state of joy, pleasure and relaxation. When humans do not connect in this way, it makes them tense and anxious and this is what has led to the burgeoning problem of having a great percentage of people on chemical pills and substances that modifies their responses to the happenings in their world.

 As the Earth moves further into what is known as the Aquarian Age, there will be an improvement in technology that will allow organic physical forms a greater freedom to spend more time outdoors. People will want to have their own gardens and flowers that they can tend by themselves. This will give them a deeper connection to their natural habitat and they will regain wholeness in all aspects of their being. When ones body is in wholeness, this is what they create in the environment around them.

 The health systems on the planet will change dramatically once the current system crumbles and is replaced with a focus on natural cures and alternatives. In this way, people will become truly healthy and sovereign once again. They will not be dependent on taking pills in order to mask the painful symptoms they may experience. Instead they will work with knowledgeable healers in all modalities in order to regain their youthful vitality, health and life force.

 This trend towards the natural healing ways will have a great impact upon all citizens on the planet. This knowledge will be easily available to everyone. The production of wholesome natural foods is the wave of the future and it will be known and recognized that chemical sprays, fertilizers and pesticides are very unhealthy and detrimental to all inhabitants on the planet. They will be banned from use everywhere on the planet. These events will restore Divine Order on Earth and create a healthy planet.

I Am Brigid

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