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                     GODDESS DESTINY OF VENUS 


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 Greetings from Venus!

I come on the wings of love! I am Destiny. I serve as spiritual guide and mentor to the artist Janine. I am happy for this opportunity to bring through a message for humanity during these changing times as they and their planet straddle the merging of shifting timelines and dimensions. There are many of you reading this message who volunteered to be the bridge builders between your planet Earth and other planets in this universe and many others throughout the cosmos. You came equipped with the abilities that are needed in order to accomplish this tremendous feat.

 Once finding yourselves incarnate upon this planet, you found it difficult to keep your main focus of endeavour because of the push/pull energies that continually assault all life on the planet. It has been a world of the experience of opposites. This duality/polarity has proven to be very challenging to the thousands of souls whose origins are from off planet and many of you have lost your way. I come to remind these ones in particular that you are being sent energies and downloads of information that will help you to remember the reason for which you came. Many of you have already been experiencing puzzling inner visions during sleep or inner stillness that test your ingrained beliefs of how your world functions.

These will continue to occur and serve to open each soul to deeper realizations of the truth of their being. These truths will begin to anchor within your inner knowing and consciousness and can rise to the surface of your Earth reality consciousness at unexpected times. It becomes important that you allow these truths a place of open hearted acceptance, that what is being experienced and remembered has a basis of fact to it. Be willing to allow these realizations to be considered as your truth. Each of you is so much more than you can imagine and you are asked to just try it on as an exploration and expansion of your greater cosmic possibilities and probabilities.

You are all beings of love and great Light and hold a great power that combined with others of like mind, can bring much needed and desired transformation to all facets of life here on Earth. Your awakening to this knowledge is therefore crucial and inevitable as the cosmic energies amp up even more in the days ahead of you. Please open your hearts and be willing to go with the knowledge that is revealed to you. Consider and ponder upon the understanding that you are part of a grand plan to bring a more enlightened approach to the problems that beset your planet and be willing to play your part as the knowledge of this unfolds from within you.

These are exciting and exhilarating times for all of life in the cosmos and we from Venus, stand ever ready to assist as events unfold. We have much knowledge we can share with those who can receive our truths. Call upon us and we shall attend you with our immediate intervention and attention.

I AM Lady Destiny from Venus.

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