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                    GODDESS LAKSHMI

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Beloved Ones, 

I come on the wings of love to enlighten you about many things. There is a lot of confusion amongst the Lightworkers in regards to what is happening to the Earth in terms of her ascension. Mother Earth is now in the birthing process. This means that there is a lot of energy that is surfacing along with these new birthing energies. As with anything else upon your world or indeed, the universe, there is always a death of the old that occurs before the new is birthed. So it is with your Earth Mother.

 Within her core is rising up her new self and as her new self expands, it begins to push out in waves all that is not in resonance with the birthing of the new and so all of her inhabitants are feeling the effects of all the changes that are occurring. Please remember that your relationship with the Earth Mother is symbiotic and that what is occurring within her is also occurring within each of you and within all who inhabit her.

The Earth Mother feels the love that is being directed to her through each of you and this encourages her to continue reining in her power so that all her inhabitants can become in harmony with her birthing process. Much is being changed and much is in the realm of great potentiality. This is where you, the Lightworkers, can be of immense assistance to her.

Holding the vision of the Earth transformed into the Earth Star is of enormous help. See her Light blazing in the heavens of your galaxy as a beautiful shining star that lights up the heavens. This is her destiny and yours also. Just as you are changing and transforming within your human and higher dimensional bodies, so too, is the Earth. All is as it should be, and is proceeding with great precision.

Humanity as a whole is awakening. More of you are turning aside from the old and very tired programming that has kept humanity enslaved to precepts that have long outworn their usefulness. That which was meant to be in place as a temporary experiment for souls to experience was subverted in its intent and became instead a prison. Throughout the ages since, this trap was so craftily executed that succeeding generations were not even aware that they were imprisoned.

To this very day, humanity thinks they are free when in fact, they are a controlled species. Thankfully, that scenario is now coming to a close and humanity is awakening and making the choice to free themselves from the illusion that was created. Everywhere upon the Earth people are pushing the cobwebs away from their minds and consciousness and are beginning to look around them with new eyes, awakened eyes. This bodes well for all upon the Earth and the Earth herself. There is every hope that soon the great awakening within humanity will take place and all will be re-united as One.

At that great momentous happening, life will expand outwards and those upon the Earth will remember and understand that the entire universe has been awaiting this event. That it was the Earth and all her inhabitants upon whom hung the balance of many things. So we ask you, Beloved Ones, to start seeing yourselves as the divine beings that you are, in truth. Each of you is here creating the conditions for a whole new way in the entire universe.

Much is depending upon the outcome here upon your planet Earth. Those of you who have come and have spent many lifetimes upon the Earth have come to bring new life to the entire universe. This will become clearer to you in the times to come. I just wanted you to know that truly, you are creator gods who have been involved in a mission of great importance and magnitude and that you are succeeding in your mission.

All in the universe around you are waiting with bated breath for the next step. All give to you their extreme support, love and encouragement. You are loved beyond your comprehension for the great work that you are doing. Keep on keeping on!

I AM Lakshmi

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