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                            GODDESS OF PURITY


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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! How pleased I am to come through this vehicle that I may impart my words to you during these times that are upon you all. It is with great delight and joy that I watch the beloved children of Light steadfastly hold to the precepts that have been most instrumental in anchoring the higher dimensional frequencies to give assistance to the Earth. We of the higher realms rejoice to see such determination in our Light Bearers begin to bear the fruits of their labor.

There are many wondrous and exciting changes happening in every atom and molecule of your planet and within all her inhabitants. These changes go deep into the essence of the Divine Plan that will see rejuvenation and restoration of all of life on this planet on mind expanding levels. All that was before is quickly moving into the pages of history of the Earth and her inhabitants during the darkest eras of existence ever known. The Earth and its kingdoms and all her inhabitants are embarking into a new era of existence, into new territory at a greatly accelerated pace, cosmically speaking.

Continue to seek the kingdom within you. Do not falter in your intentions for a better world - a peaceful and loving world - for it is your intention that creates it. Yes, it is true that there are greater forces at work in the cosmos that oversee the entire process, but these forces must adhere to the universal laws that honor the free will of the Earth’s inhabitants and so they cannot assist until called upon by the embodied souls who walk the planet. It is with great joy that these forces spring into loving action when called into service. We delight in being of service in any way that is of benefit individually and for the greater good of all. Do continue with your calls!

We thank you for your willingness to work in unison, for your willingness to accept guidance from on high and for your continued dedicated service. The transformations that are occurring bring pressures that are at times very uncomfortable to experience and sometimes difficult to endure, but it is the only way through this passage into a greater existence. Keep your heart flames pure and burning brightly and know that by focusing upon each moment, step by step, you will prevail.

Walk with discernment, care and caution in your Earthly living and attune to the energies flowing both within you and around you. Listen to the inner promptings of your divine essence, for in these times it is the voice of truth within you. Send waves of love, compassion and kindness upon yourselves and those around you, for you are all in this process together.  

Desiring the highest good for others brings the same to you in return. Be blessed, Dear Ones, for we are with you always - you have but to call and we answer.

I AM Goddess of Purity

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