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The Great White Light - September 2020

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 Beloved Ones,

We are a unity consciousness known as the Great White Light. We want to speak with you about the energies of cosmic love streaming down upon the Earth at this time. This is an energy that is touched with grace. Those who are open and allow this energy to anchor within their hearts are those who are blessed with the ability to be the conduits of this transforming energy that is radiating out into your world as unity consciousness. You are emissaries of the Light of the Divine and you know deeply that these energies are of the greatest benefit to everyone and everything upon the planet. These energies are available to all, but for those who are aware of the benefits of consciously receiving these energies, there is a greater benefit.

The work of the Divine plan continues to unfold. There is a sense of knowing within each of your hearts, a knowing that you are now in full earnest manifestation of the reason for which you came. Much work continues to be done and much will be required in the days ahead. Those who continue to raise their frequency levels each day are providing a great service for the rest of humanity, for by radiating your great Light, you create more ease and grace for those around you. This is a service that you are performing at this time. The more you raise and maintain your own frequency, the more grace, ease and harmony that you feel as you integrate these new energies. Our advice is to continue to do that which you know works for you in the maintenance of your high frequency level. Keep on keeping on!

The energies of abundant creativity are flowing upon the Earth plane. There are encoded energies that hold new ideas, new technologies and new inventions. These are the energies of the new that are being seeded upon your planet and those who are receptive to them will be blessed in some way as they are able to integrate and assimilate this knowledge. They will become blessings upon the Earth as they bring through the ideas, the technology and new inventions in the days ahead. Everything is unfolding as part of the Divine Plan as all is being raised into ascension frequencies through the power of love and joy.

We ask you to continue in your efforts and to know that your efforts are magnified a thousandfold by the Great White Light. You - when you stand in your Light are not alone - for you are an emissary for the Great White Light. We joyfully magnify your efforts to create the Heaven on Earth that is so long overdue. Be Blessed!

The Great White Light

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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