GREEN JADE CRYSTAL 

Photo of Tibetan Green Jade Skull with a Yellow & White Jade stripe©Marlene Swetlishoff

 This very varied shades of green crystal aligns with the heart chakra which has a soothing effect upon all the chakras, and is aligned to the earth element. Musical notes F sharp and B.

 The Message:


 Channelled Image of the Delightful Green Jade Deva

by PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

We, the green jade crystal consciousness come forward with joy and happiness. Throughout the ages, we, the green jade consciousness have been utilized by the ancient ones in many different eras of Earth’s history. We were known to bring luck and prosperity to the holders of our stone and so there were many pendants, amulets and even statues that were created from our stone.

 We are the record keepers on Mother Earth. Those who hold our stone are given knowledge regarding the history of their planet and of the beings who lived and walked upon her. We hold ancient knowledge within our being, for we are the ancient ones who have travelled with humanity for many ages. We hold the energy of the Earth which is healing, grounding, transforming and constantly evolving. Just as with everything upon the Earth, we all evolve. We hold energies that are healing to those who are drawn to us.

 Many people are drawn to our stone and it is the colors that they are initially attracted to and we have many shades of green that we come in. These individuals instinctively know that we have energy and information that they need and so for a time they work with us. They move forward when they have assimilated that energy and knowledge which we imparted into their auric field and no longer need our assistance.

When those who are attracted to us by intuitively knowing that we hold special gifts for them, it is advisable for them to find a quiet place and hold our stone in their hands. As the stone becomes warm from their body heat, our energy is activated and radiates upward through the arms to be absorbed throughout their auric field. The individual is advised to then ask if there is a message that they were meant to receive through us and then sit quietly waiting. With practice, the message will come as images, words or thoughts.

We have much to impart to those who work with us and the individual who works with us must listen closely for the wisdom we want to share. When an individual is attracted to our stone, it is because they instinctively feel that we can help them change their life for the better. Through our soothing energy, we encourage them to pursue the path to self empowerment and improvement. Holding our stone in their hand helps to create harmony physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We gently encourage the opening of the heart to become a channel of love that can be shared with others around them. We emit an energy that strengthens certain areas of the human body such as the nervous system and the immune system. We cleanse the blood and contain elements that are very beneficial for the human body that brings about cell metabolism which helps to increase the individual’s strength, vitality and energy level.

We impart a sense of lightness of being to the bearer of our stone, we uplift and empower. We impart a gentle energy which opens up the heart to receive loving and higher energy and help to promote a peaceful, calming, tranquil, serene and harmonious state of equilibrium. Throughout the ages, we have always been kindly regarded and highly prized. In some civilizations, we were and still are considered to be worth our weight in gold. In this new era we have entered we bring those energies and more to impart to those who work with us.

We help the auric field of the human body to heal and balance, to regenerate and rejuvenate to promote longevity when an individual works with us on a daily basis and this will become more known and we will become more utilized in the new era for these qualities. We also work with the emotional body of the individual and bring peace, serenity and balance as we soothe anxiety and stress. We are a soothing, healing, balancing, joyful and loving stone that is useful to every individual who works with us.

We are known as “old faithful” to many who work with us. We are aligned with the heart chakra and open up the heart. We open up the ability of each individual to receive all that they need such as healing, insight, wisdom, peace and knowledge. All of this is available to those who work with us. As with all crystalline beings, we impart joyful and positive energies. These qualities help individuals to experience more of these qualities in their daily life.

We lighten and enlighten and this is a very important service that we give to humanity. We, the green jade crystal consciousness represent growth and expansion in all facets of human life. We are here to assist those who are ready to explore these areas of their spiritual growth. They will be attracted to us and our different shades of green will give the clue to what the individual is offered. Those who seek balance within their hearts or the opening of their hearts are those who will intuitively seek us out.

We are grateful to have these moments to bring to you our qualities that will serve in the new era.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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