HEMATITE CRYSTAL 


Hematite image©Marlene Swetlishoff 

A dark and highly reflective stone. This stone aligns to the root chakra which opens up all chakras up through the crown chakra and above. Aligns to the earth and air elements. Musical notes C and B flat.


The Message:

We come! We bring to you knowledge of how we, the hematite crystal consciousness may serve humanity in the new golden age that has now come into view for planet Earth. We are here to tell you that we serve the Divine, we act as a mirror to protect, and to reveal to those that work with us that which they need to know, that which is reflected to them, as it were, for greater introspection so that they may understand the lesson that is given to them from the higher aspects of their soul.

 This is part of our function here on Earth along with the functions that we have already been giving which is that of protection. We are able to clear all chakras, all that one has to do is hold the hematite crystal in front of each of their chakras for a minute or so with the intention that each chakra be cleared and we do so! We are rather indispensable in this manner.

 Because of our reflective nature which is silvery in color, we bring the Divine feminine energy into operation within one’s energetic field and we give the added gift of balancing one’s internal masculine energies so that both are in Divine balance. This is indispensable also, especially in these times when there are so many changes, energy fluxes and transformations internally that are occurring. We bring blessing to those who work with us.

 By the wearing of our stone, we help to deflect all negativity that may be directed towards the wearer of our stone or simply when the wearer enters a space where negative vibrations are present. One is always protected if one wears our stone. We also bring blessings of good fortune and beautiful synchronicities to the lives of those who utilize our crystalline stone. We are a blessing in our effect upon the human consciousness, for we help to point out, reveal and clear all that does not resonate with the intentions and the path that each individual chooses to follow.

 We are a kind of barometer that will reveal to the user what it is they need to know in order to work upon it to release it and move forward. We are truly helpful in this manner. Our highly reflective nature helps individuals to go within to connect deeply to the core of their being where they can then connect with the entirety of their collective experience here on Earth and with dedicated work, on other planets as well.

 Holding or wearing our stone upon one’s body as one goes within is very helpful. We align the lower seven chakras with one’s higher chakras of one’s morphogenic field and beyond. We can clear all the paths and meridians in order that one can access deep and higher wisdom - ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge that one holds within one’s composite soul, otherwise known as Oversoul.

 Those who are sensitive to the energies of crystalline beings will be able to feel our energies go to work immediately as we cleanse and clear and open all that needs to be opened for the highest connection possible. We open the doorways and the portals to one’s higher consciousness and this is something that is highly sought for in these times, something that will give one the ability to connect with their higher aspects, their higher consciousness, that they may begin to embody their higher aspects and align and bring in their higher Christ consciousness and being.

 This is a process that is now beginning to occur for those who are ready, those who have chosen this process for this lifetime. There are many who have chosen this process to be in the vanguard so that they can walk the Earth as an example of one who has purified their lower nature, one who serves a higher power, a higher purpose. Many of you are here to do this, many of you are Masters, though it has been hidden, this knowledge of yourselves, but this is now changing and changing quickly.

 Those who are ready will begin to open, begin to remember and this remembrance will cause a great change as it becomes more commonplace. This great change will occur when there are many souls who are enlightened, who have remembered who they are and their reason for being here on Earth during these times and this will create a quickening, if you will, of the collective human consciousness. This occurrence will be a blessing when it happens.

 And so, we say to you, thank you for your attention, thank you for listening to us as we convey to you how we may work together in the new golden age that is fast approaching those upon planet Earth. May all be blessed! May we all work together in unity. So be it.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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Janine perceives this being as a Cosmic Being!

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