Higher Self Reading for Marlene 


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Reading - April 27, 2018 by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

 Jocelyn: “Your Higher Self immediately pulls me up, up, up out into the universe.

And let’s see if she wants to start talking or if she wants to show me anything.

“Begin transmission” – I’ll just do channelling work…”

 Higher Self: “Greetings! This is an interesting form of communication and I am very happy and pleased because too often the focus even for you but for many, many individuals – too often the focus is on who is around you, you know, who is assisting you, who is walking the path with you in the sense of a guide or an Ascended Master who comes in to help or an Archangel, whoever might visit the path, and while there is nothing wrong with this type of visitation or information exchange which is part of the journey, of course, but too often, I believe, the value of that is misplaced and the value of one’s Higher Self is forgotten. So let’s make things a little more equal today!

You may think, well, my Higher Self, my Higher Self is part of me – what can I share with others? What wisdom can I give to others? How do I compare to other Guides? So…you have to make a decision, do you want the communication between yourself, your Higher Self and your physical self to be that of a private nature or do you want it to be something that is more public? In other words - something that you might share with All. But that’s not a decision you have to make right now. Right now I just want to work on a private communication… you have come very far!

 And I am going to say you and sometimes we, please don’t let that become confusing but I say you because you in the physical form is what I am referring to and you in the physical form and all the achievements you have had in this lifetime as well as your previous lifetimes have been numerous. (Jocelyn: And the information comes to me to say to you that this is a very perpetual type of thing, meaning it doesn’t end. There will always be this kind of graduation, I might say, if you will, to the next stage and the next stage and the next stage.) Our soul is one that is very old but very much willing to continue on because there is still so much work to do.

You may remember when we were younger, that there was a tendency to want to push ahead farther than anyone else and we learned early on that this kind of ethic, work ethic, will pay off; - it paid off because later on when we were able to access higher dimensions we still applied that same work ethic that we learned earlier on and it makes it today even still a part of who you are, who we are. We work, we push ourselves, we work because what else are we going to do when we are incarnated? We like to rest in between lifetimes, we like to sometimes take a long rest, the reason being is that we work when we are incarnated, we make the most of the time. We know that it is finite, we know that there is much to do such as in this life.

So many things changing, so many people awakening, so many Lights turning on! That’s a sight to see! It’s something that we haven’t seen before in this proportion, we have not seen it, not in a long, long time, not like this! When there is so much against awakening, there are so many odds against it and yet people are doing it anyway with the assistance, of course as you know, of many other Light Beings. And it is the assistance of those Light Beings that make it possible.

 In other lifetimes, in other places, other times, there was more of an ease to it as you may recall but now, things are difficult. Things move in a direction that is sometimes hard to gauge, hard to know where things are going. And the resistance – (BIG SIGH) – the resistance to the Light in these times is extraordinary and it does wear you down after a time, I know that and you know that and you have to teach that, as you have.

That consistency towards Light, choosing the Light, choosing the Light, choosing the Light, again and again and again – this is what’s required in order to move forward because without forward motion, you are going to get stuck and if you get stuck, you’re just going to have to repeat everything so its very important that there’s this agreement to choose the Light again and again and again because there’s so much darkness – it’s like you are continually having to light a lamp in the dark again and again and again even if the wind comes up and blows it out and you have to Light it again and you have to be very stubborn!

That’s what I think of this life and these times. It’s like there’s this big force against it and the reason why is because there has been so many Light Beings coming in to assist so when you have that kind of assistance, you have a reaction. And that’s O.K., we knew this coming in.

 Jocelyn: “And she pulls back her energy, she’s giving me the time to write a couple of these things down…usually they type as they go but I got a sense she doesn’t want to do that so I’m just going to write down (of course, I can’t remember most of what was just said) … she said that in earlier lives, you chose to have a strong work ethic and you use that today with your higher path, I’m going to say – projects or goals – lots of Light Beings are assisting the planet today but there is much resistance, much darkness…

 (I can really feel it – almost like a battle between the two – there is more resistance because there is more Light. It’s like having a lamp that the wind keeps blowing out – you must continually light it again and again. So the feeling was that the world right now has this battle (not exactly the right word to express it … and I can’t think of a word that gives the correct sense of it) it’s kind of an epic battle and all of our Higher Selves are involved in it, at least those that are Lightworkers.

I am not sure that other people not involved in the spiritual path would be aware of it even if their Higher Selves are involved … but then we have a lot of outside help that I can sense coming in and I suppose you would put the Ascended Masters in that category and Archangels, but there’s more, more than I can identify. So let’s go ahead and connect again and see what else she wants to talk about…usually when they break, they are done with that topic but you never know…so let’s see what she has to say!”

 My Higher SeIf: "I may revisit that topic, I’m not sure… but let’s move on…let’s talk about this incarnation for you…you have worked very hard and you have made many accomplishments and it’s perfectly fine if you want to take some time and rest…but there is another push coming in…a new project…something that will require you to really connect once more…and I want for you to connect in a way that you have not before.

Not to criticize in any manner what you have done, the way that you have connected but I want you to do more. I want you to connect further…I want you to connect deeper and I want you to let go of any resistance around those ideas so let us integrate on a complete level now. Let us integrate all parts: past, present and future so that you may prepare for this new work coming up when you’re ready. The time of this new work is not important, at least from my perspective, perhaps others involved may think differently but what matters to me is that you are prepared.

Integration – think of it as you go into a chamber just as your physical self; you are aware of the Higher Self but as far as being integrated, you’re curious to know how that would feel. So you go into the chamber, you stand in the chamber and I go into the chamber as well…and the chamber in essence, fuses the two of us through a brilliant flash of White Light, the Light that you saw at the moment of your birth that felt as if it separated us and appeared so. This Light now reverses that action, without you having to cross over to this side, right now in this moment, in this chamber so that we are merged in all manners through the physical, through the mental, through the emotional, and through the spiritual.

Take a moment to feel as you step outside of the chamber what this feels like, please. You may feel a physical sensation but you may not. You may notice some emotional experiences, you may notice some imagery. Let whatever occurs happen gently, naturally and without judgment. Our energies are now merged in a more profound way. This integration will allow you to see things as they truly are. It will allow you to see into people, it will allow you to see into yourself. If you do not wish to use this, if you don’t wish to see this, you can say, “I choose to see this from my physical perspective” and there may be times when this is useful to you. We don’t want to see everything. But when you choose to see everything, especially in your work, you will want to remember this integration and allow yourself to view things from this complete level.

As I said, you have discovered another level to your home and up here from this vantage point, you can see down into the paths of your own life or you can look out and see the paths of others people’s lives or you can look even higher, even higher yet and see the overall direction of everyone’s life all at once and you know that this is a time of great change and that change brings chaos so do not be fearful when you go to that level and see likely chaos. Just because you see chaos doesn’t mean it will always prevail. You may also see the Light Beings around the planet that are working to balance these energies. These Light Beings can be called on by you, integrated as you are, by others who are integrated and awakened and they can assist in the work together.

Moving down into a more personal level now…when you are looking at the paths before you for your life, I’d like for you to notice one in particular…please notice the path that has to do with health. Decisions that you make on this path but also experiences that you go through on this path are going to be very changeable right now because you are being given the option to heal what has come before. This is physical and emotional healing. This option is being presented to you so that you can stay here longer but it has to be taken up by you.

 You have to choose it so pay attention with anything to do with health for the next five years. I know that it’s a long window but you wanted it to be substantial enough for you to be able to do some serious healing and when I say you, I mean we. We put this into the life path if things were going in the way that we liked they were going if we were able to meet a certain threshold, if we were able to accomplish enough work.

 If it had been too much of a struggle we would not have presented this option but here it is, and I ask you to pay attention to anything that has to do with health, anything that has to do with healing, anything that comes up that you realize is old and needs to be healed, anything, anything at all and any decisions that you have to make about health in any capacity as I said, will be changeable – that means that things you have already decided can come up again for you to decide again and decide differently.

But mainly what I am talking about are attitudes about your physical body as well as your emotional body and not just yours, those around you that impact you in your life as well. There will be opportunities for forgiveness; there will be opportunities for release, for growth, so pay attention to these things now and over the next five years. Work with them so that the work you’re doing on the higher levels is work that can be maintained and contained with.

 Jocelyn: “O.K. She pulls back her energy because she wants us to write down the last part. She showed us – it was like a tower and you can go to the very top and see the pathways of the world, like the overall path of, I guess, the planet or humanity. Then you can go to a lower level and see more your individual path and you are meant to pay attention to the path of health – you have been given a window for the next five years to revisit decisions you have made about health, both physical and emotional, forgiveness opportunities as well as release to do with yourself as well as other people.

O.K. We have enough time to connect one more time and see if she wants to talk about a different topic…”

 Higher Self: “One of your or our favourite things to do in between lifetimes is to fly and that might sound a bit silly and fantastical but it’s true! The feeling of being weightless – you can shape shift into a bird if you want, but the feeling of being weightless without anything – its even better than swimming which you feel the weight of the water but in the sky you feel no weight at all – you’re completely free! Limitless! And you can go beyond the atmosphere, you know, into space as a spirit as there is no concern over with having to, you know, there is just no concern whatsoever…so moving into that space – the universe – outer space – galaxies – planets – just emptiness, existing there, being present in that empty space occupying that but also not occupying it. That is one of our favourite techniques because it cleanses and it helps to put things back in perspective.

 You can feel that same emptiness, that spaciousness when you look at something substantial – say a flower – or anything really, a car, a house, a person – that same space exists within them even though they appear to be a solid thing – in truth, what they are is space so when you’re flying, when you’re weightless, when you’re moving around in this nice, vast outer space or sky, you get a sense of that feeling of emptiness and I don’t mean emptiness in a negative sense… “oh no, there’s nothing here”… no, I mean it in a sense of peace, look at where everything is cleared – look at that – it’s nice, it’s clear, it’s empty, it’s perfect!

Perfection does exist in this state and when you reach this, when you’re aware of this, you are indeed connecting to me, your Higher Self, you are integrating all of yourself but you are also going up, up, up, up in your frequency and releasing anything that no longer serves you and you can do this in an instant if you practice it enough. I want you to remember the feeling of weightlessness, the feeling of emptiness, the feeling of spaciousness as often as you can because it brings with it a sense of supreme peace and while you have this experience… you do have it… and you know it, I want you to experience more of it. I want this to be, if it can be, if you so choose it, a norm. The more peace you can attain now while in the body, the more peace you will have through transition, the more peace you will have after transition and the more peace you can bring into your next lifetime.

 Transition is something that is very natural and that you’ve done many, many times. Remember, you take with you when you transition, lessons that you have learned and nothing else. Of course, you don’t take your physical possessions or any of the people that are around you…but you are also able to lay aside many of the disturbances, the things that are incorrect, the things that are perceived by the mind and the things that create disturbances within the mind, those things are laid aside because you remember the truth so try in this moment to remember the truth.

Try to remember that now instead of having to wait until the day you transition and then still having to wait until your next lifetime. Better to have it now, better to experience it now in this moment, the feeling of integration, the feeling of knowing that that emptiness, that spaciousness, that  is your truth, that is who you are and all beings are. Not the solid forms that stand before you. And integrate with the Light Beings that are all around, helping you, helping the planet, helping everyone. And one last thing, besides the joy of flying and feeling weightless – one last image I would like to give to you – is the absolute joy of truly connecting with another person, heart and soul. And I suggest that you focus on us doing that now so that when you do connect with another person, it can be the most blissful of experiences.

We went through the chamber, we integrated. Feel that now and now, any person of your choice, visualize them in your mind and feel yourself embracing them. Feel their Higher Self integrating as you do because you invite their Higher Self down into their physical form. Just for a moment – you won’t impede their free will by doing that and in this re-union of integrated beings you meet whoever this is on the highest level possible and ask “what is our work together? What are our shared goals?

Or you might focus on the feeling of unconditional love. What a joy it is to know this person. What a blessing they are in your life. Or if it has appeared otherwise, remember on a soul level that it is a blessing and there is unconditional love for all souls. Try working on these levels with people. Try feeling the emotions of unconditional love and blessings and gratitude for the people in your life and you can extend that out into the world, if you wish. I am here for further questions, clarification or just to spend time together any time you would like.”

Jocelyn: “All right, she pulls back her energy…I want to write chamber exercise, where she merged you in a flash of White Light just as when you were born, it seemed as if you were separated this merger as seen once more. Envision a person you would like to connect with … it doesn’t have to be an incarnated being but I think that’s what she was getting at but I’ll write incarnated or otherwise. I guess you should try it with both, it will probably be quite different - and vision their Higher Self coming down, temporarily and connecting with you and your Higher Self. Feel unconditional love and blessings and gratitude. Try this exercise. Also there was the … your favorite thing to do is to fly, weightlessness and the feeling of emptiness are important to remember.”

Jocelyn: “Well, tell you what…out of all the Higher Self readings I have done…yours is the one that makes me feel like, I mean, I might as well have just connected to Mother/Father God … in fact, let’s bring down our focus and consciousness down into the body … into the physical body…we bring our focus down and grounding and centering…yeah, I need to do this after connecting to your Higher Self. I mean, just from the beginning it’s going right into basically what feels like universal space rather than the other side. Some of the other readings don’t even go to the other side…there’s got to be a higher dimension that is accessible to do that…I’m not sure because I haven’t thought about it enough but I certainly don’t see going to these universal type places with very many people. If I do, it would be Metatron connecting to, you know, an Ascended Master, or Metatron or somebody like that rather than a person’s Higher Self.

Jocelyn (laughing): “I would like to tell you that it is pretty amazing! I don’t remember much of what was said…I tried to take notes but I just remember little bits of it…so hopefully it was beneficial to you… certainly please use it to, you know, begin to follow up and connect more with your Higher Self …I am sure you can get a lot more information in that way. As always, it is such a pleasure to read for you. It truly, truly, is a pleasure! And I wish for you so many happy blessings.”

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