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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There is a tremendous effort worldwide to suppress the truths of the takeover of the planet that is now being attempted more overtly by negative beings who are trying to convince humanity that what is taking place is not really happening. Most everything that is still shown on social media and mainstream media is only that which they want humanity to believe so that they stay in fear and ignorance and do not rise up to stand in their freedom and sovereignty of person and exercise their God given authority to maintain control of their own being and their own self sufficiency in life. The days of trusting those in positions of power are over! It is clearly being shown by their actions that this trust is totally misplaced.

We advise the brave people of light to focus on what you want to manifest in your lives, individually and collectively. No matter what gets shut down and when, you all have spiritual tools at your disposal. Use them with discretion and wrap yourselves in the armour of God. Be determined to see the victory of the light prevail and never give up! You have the Family of Light working in tandem with you and you never walk alone. That is our promise to you from the unseen realms…all you have to do is call upon your trusted guides to join your endeavors before you begin. As your energetic intentions permeate the atmosphere of Earth, it creates a powerful force for good to occur.

There are great miracles taking place within each human soul as they are being filled with the cosmic love from the higher spiritual dimensions. Humanity as a whole is realizing the power for positive change that they carry and are doing everything they can to create the changes that benefit the higher good of all instead of just for the very few. Throughout the world those who have been oppressed are now rising up and finding their voices of God sanctioned authority and speaking their truth unafraid. As they believe in their own ability to create the changes they desire to see in the world, they are unswerving in their peace-filled intentions. They treat other humans with the greatest kindness and respect.

It is a time to use your wisdom and experience to make a difference in the lives and challenges of the people around you. Take time every day to be still and go within and follow your inner promptings, be in trust that within you lies the greatest knowledge and wisdom, that this has always lain hidden within the inner depths of your being for just these times. Allow your brilliant light to shine! Your ability to remain focused upon what needs to be done will see a marked improvement. Hold your ground and remain centered in your own truth. There is much that will continue to unfold in the coming days. Many new ways come into being which will ultimately result in a better way for everyone on the planet.

As the changes continue to occur, we counsel each of you to follow your own unique path, do what works for you in a way that is best for you. You have been prepared and it just requires that you continue in everything that works best for you. Follow your own guidance and rhythm. Within you that which you have worked towards in the mastering of your life is still there within you – the core essence of your being is always there. Just allow it to expand and unfold, for that is the part of you that does not change and this is the part when taken into the collective consciousness helps to maintain the stability of the energies of these times. This is a time of being conscious, aware and awake in every moment. Arise, Dear Ones, and make your intentions for a better world known throughout the cosmos.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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