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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! From the higher perspective, the current events upon the planet seem to indicate that humanity is lost, that they and their planet is taken over by external forces on a world-wide basis and that the majority of humanity is unaware that it is happening in the time of now. We say to you, Dear Ones, that this is changing rapidly and that millions of humanity is being awakened to the true circumstances of what is happening at quantum speed levels. It is not a time to wait and see what happens – it is now or never! One must move when it is time and then rest until the next instance that shows itself that will require your action.

Humanity throughout the entire planet is stepping up and taking back their own power and sovereignty and are understanding that they must personally exert themselves minute by minute in this current drama, in order to turn this dark plan around and destroy it for all time. The human race is even now speaking their truths and their choices, knowing that they did not agree or were willing to be taken over by outside forces in order to be servants of the external force planned agendas that do harm to so many of humanity, the planet Earth and all of her inhabitants - agendas that span decades into the future of this planet.

The human race is beginning to understand that those they have elected to serve them have been corrupted. They are seeing the extent of the betrayal of their trust by these leaders who are proving by their collusion, the extent to which these individuals are willing to go to remain in control. Some of our beloved Lightworkers are astounded by the seeming insanity taking place world-wide, not just in their little corner of the world. Have faith that the intensity of the Cosmic Light comes and is bringing all of this formerly hidden activity into the awareness of each world citizen! There is no place that they can run and hide, for such activity is no longer supported by the higher frequencies coming in! Nothing can stay hidden and is daily being exposed.

These individuals are witnessing the antics of the desperate attempts to re-establish the power of the corrupt ones and are seeing that they, the humans, must hold fast and assert their own sovereign right to make free will choice and not have that stolen from them by devious and dishonest methods of mind control and technological powers of persuasion. They are awakening on a massive scale to the knowledge that their world has been systematically taken over for many decades and they know they are in a battle for their freedom in these very times. They are also understanding that there are several factions of off-world beings and that these factions compete with each other for control of the planet and its resources.

How to fight this battle? By becoming fully and completely aware of what is happening in the world. By declaring each and every day that they and the rest of the world citizens are free and sovereign beings living on a free will planet and they alone have the authority to choose the kind of world they desire to live on. By stating each day that they are aligned with the positive future new Earth reality timeline coming into the horizon. By diligently working to clear and purify all the conditioning that they still hold within their own Being that is not in alignment with the new high frequency timeline of new Earth. By realizing that they are the ones who hold the power and authority and must reclaim it in each moment in the here and now!

This is a groundswell movement that has only just (in the nick of time hopefully) being implemented. Our planets galactic friends from the higher dimensional realms cannot land upon the shores of our beautiful planet and fight humanity’s battles for them. Humanity must take this action for themselves – it is YOU that must seize back your planet and your freedom by saying NO! Call upon them to assist with their etheric energies and technology as you take action through intention during your Lightwork in order to magnify your efforts. In this way they can help during these times. We are all available…all you have to do is call.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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