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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! For too long the people of the world have been divided and had forgotten that they are all connected through their Source connection by whatever name they call it. As more people attune to this Source they discover the inner beauty, purity, love, compassion and creativity that flows through them like a river. When they remember the majesty of their own being, they fall in love with who they are and honor that knowing. This in turn radiates out to others and ignites that Divine spark within them. They will not want to go back to living in the shadows and will only embrace doing that which makes them feel good about themselves and everyone around them. They will want to reinforce feeling good, feeling joy and happiness in every moment and will do everything in their power to perpetuate this feeling at all times.

Those of you who have done the work of transcending lower emotions, attitudes and conditioned reactions are helping the entire collective of humanity to embrace their own purity of being and love that they are. As they all awaken to this remembrance of their true being, many positive and natural changes take place in the environment and world around them. This is how the old world ways are discarded for a better way – what was will simply fall away. Love in all its facets of expression will rule each day and everyone will work together in harmony to bring benevolent changes for the highest good of all. Love is the true force in the cosmos, it is the glue that unites all within and externally in the world around you. Where there is love, there is everything. It is important to let this powerful force shine through your being as you walk upon this world.

Being true to self continues to be the order of each day. Only do that which rings true for you. Gone are the days of conforming with the prevailing themes that rise up in distraction in the world around you. You are sovereign, therefore you recognize that it is you who is self responsible for your own state of health and well being and live your life according to higher laws of conduct that ensure that you do no harm as you live your daily life. You are unique and not a carbon copy of anyone else. Follow your inner guidance always as to what is the right thing for you to do in any given moment and situation. Strive always to be the highest and best version of yourself that you can be. This is not a competition with others around you, it is an inner desire to be the best human being that you personally can be. It means always taking the high road and transcending the programmed responses of the lower vibrations that are still rampant upon this world.

When situations and events come up, utilize your innate wisdom and do not be afraid to take the step shown to you. You have your own internal guidance system that is always in motion, learn to recognize when it is in play within you. It will always be the path of the higher way of being and this way leads you in safety and protection. Many times in current situations you wonder if you are on the right track and do not know which way to go, in this case do nothing and the way before you will clear. It is all about trusting self and having confidence in what is shown to you. Many times taking action simply means going within to reconnect with your internal guidance system. As you do this often, you become more and more proficient in recognizing signs and guideposts along the way. They are there in your own experiences of the world around you.

Love always and ever – it is who you are! The world around you is changing and transforming and you are creating the new template of the new Earth reality every day by the internal choices that you make. In all things, do not settle for crumbs when you know you can eat cake! You are worthy of every good thing because you are a child of the Light! You are upholding the Light on behalf of all of humanity as the higher energies come in. Even though it is a challenging time in Earth’s history, you have willingly chosen to be here now in order to bring about the transformation that is now occurring. We honor your courage and bravery, steadfastness and tenacity. You are our ground crew and we stand with you always. Ask for what you need and we shall honor your request.

I AM Hilarion.

©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.therainbowscribe.com