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The Hilarion Connection©Update - March 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! As you open your eyes and look around you, you are able to see more clearly than ever before what is presenting in front of you. The dividing of the ways is taking place and you who have put your whole heart and soul into helping your loved ones and all those who cross your path in your sphere of influence to understand the need to raise their consciousness level now hangs in the balance as you watch and observe. Now you must trust and ensure that you are prepared for what lies ahead of you. You have done all that you can and it is up to each individual to use their power of discernment and free will choice to choose the high road to a more conscious illumined way of living for all inhabitants upon the planet. Let the energies play out as the shift continues to move inexorably forward.

Treat yourselves with the utmost care and consideration, for you are still clearing and purging the deepest layers of the effects of living under an ever more oppressive world order, one that told humanity how they must live that they broadcast through their media systems but whose willing adherents follow another entirely opposite way of being in order to retain their privileges over their sisters and brothers. That hidden system is now being exposed every day in every country of the planet – nothing can remain hidden any longer, all must be brought to the surface for review and acknowledgement by the world’s population. Trust only in your own inner guidance and align daily to the Source of your own being. If there is a situation that has a feel of falsity to it, then heed this knowing and walk with care and caution and do not enter!

Cultivate the path of the expression and manifestation of the sacred and holy qualities of love and purity of being. When all about you flounder in doubt and fear, keep your eternal flame within you burning brightly. You are incorruptible and untouchable to any entities or energies that seek to distract you from maintaining your freedom and sovereignty as a free spirit living on this planet which is your home. No one can do anything to you without your conscious consent but this must be looked at in every situation that comes before you because in the past and in these moments of now, there are great and deceptive liberties being taken from humanity through implied consent.

This means that rules, laws and regulations come into play that humanity is assumed that they must follow. One must examine them thoroughly to see what is at play before agreeing or acquiescing. Do not assume that your leaders and government representatives are taking good care of you – this is an erroneous assumption and has no basis in truth. This is evident in the number of government representatives who are being exposed publicly every day for breaking the very rules and laws they created and assumed humanity should adhere to. The new Earth positive timeline calls for respect, justice and equality for all, where all beings are the same under the law and no one can take ownership of someone’s else’s rightful share. Those who follow the old world order of greed and entitlement will not be able to continue into the new Earth reality timeline because the frequency level will not allow entrance to them.

For in these current times, it is all about frequency. The etheric dimensions are separated from each other by the frequency bandwidths of their predominant octaves. There are many who can traverse the length and breadth of these dimensional realms because they can adjust to the correct octave and rise up and this created some infiltration of contamination of the lower frequencies in previous times. This is now being cleansed and new pass codes will be necessary to move from one dimension to another through the gateways which will be given to only the trusted ones. An individual needs to qualify through initiatory tests in order to travel through the dimensions. Thus there are many on Earth who are going through many such tests, working on their cosmic ascension as well as their planetary ascension.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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