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                            HILARION - MARCH 2023

The above image of Hilarion was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Published February 28, 2023 on www.therainbowscribe.com. Copyright Written by ©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the Messenger, Author, Ascended Master and originator of this content. This content is for your personal use only! Permission is not given for redistribution of this content in any way, shape, or form!

Beloved Ones,

The grounding of the higher cosmic light into and upon this ascending planet has moved into its next phase. Those who have been doing this work are now moving into position to offer divine truths to those who now awaken. The awakening ones come to seek that which they need to bring them into a quicker integration with the new energies and higher consciousness. As beacons of the higher light and truth, the lightworkers of the world are working together at the higher levels of being to coordinate their efforts. In unity, they work on the transformation of this ascending planet and all her inhabitants to proceed in a way that allows the opening of consciousness and awareness in the greatest number of souls. It is the time to make learning fun and enlightening at the same time. Many of you who have established your spiritual presence and credentials are now able to do this with a greater ease and grace. As the universe works with you, through you and for you, synchronistic events take place in miraculous and truly magical ways.

The times require as many people as possible to hold a positive vision and intention for the world. Please take a few moments several times a day to intend a better world, one that is free from the chaos and destruction depicted on the mainstream media. Decree and affirm peace to manifest here on Earth!  Your determination to hold joy, harmony and goodwill helps more than you can ever know. There are those who would have you believe that there is no hope for the people of the world and that is just not so! Stand strong and stand tall, radiate the luminous light of the divine from within you, counteract the bombardment of that which is not of the highest frequency and balance it with your light and your love. Work your magic from now until the end of this year to ground even more of the higher cosmic light!  Honor your own process of assimilation and integration, there is no right or wrong here, only what works best for each. Keep attuned to your own energy process and be ever more discerning in knowing the energies and effects of others impinging upon your system. We would highly recommend that you acquire a palm sized piece of selenite crystal or better yet, one to hold in each palm in order to give your physical body the opportunity to become more attuned to your lightbody each day. This crystal helps to attune and clear the energies in your auric field to allow greater ease and grace to flow through your system. It helps to keep you positive and in high vibration. No lightworker should be without it as the ‘go to’ energy clearing tool while also increasing your frequency level.

As people let go of the limiting concepts of duality such as division, enmity and competition and begin to express the higher qualities of their soul, they see that life returns to them what they themselves put into it. They enter into a new phase of living in alignment with spirit and the divine within. This movement frees them and creates a greater degree of expansion and an expression of new creative energy and consciousness. They begin to see their life filled with unlimited opportunities to express their unique soul qualities, talents and abilities. They see that they can choose their life experience to manifest for them in ways they previously did not imagine. This in turn creates greater harmony within them and as this personal harmony radiates outwardly, it creates a joyful interaction with the world around them and this brings to them a sense of greater fulfillment in their personal endeavors.  Keep within your central core, spend time each day in stillness and quiet contemplation or meditation. This can serve to connect you with your higher guidance and inspiration from your Divine self. Remember that your Divine self has only the highest and best of outcomes waiting for you and once you are in alignment with it, this is where the fun and the magic of living life in the physical begins! 

When one's understanding increases in the process of bridging and uniting two realities, one finds new gateways of truth which touch all facets of their lives. These in turn, create a lightness of spirit, bringing joy and laughter and a greater awareness of the richness that lives within them. They feel the joy of creation as they manifest the wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding that lies within them and they share it with the world. As the collective wonders that they hold within them are brought into the light of their new consciousness, it begins a new phase, a new birth into a greater reality which empowers and enriches everyone. The seeds of love and wisdom emanating from within their being are planted within the collective consciousness to heal, bless and enable their sisters and brothers to move into the new reality with them.  They trust that all is well and everything is perfect.

As life unfolds in the new consciousness and reality, there is a greater unity with all beings that takes place. There is also a greater respect and reverence for the divinity within each human heart and this will facilitate a greater desire to serve others in some capacity. As they align to their Divine self and follow the guidance and promptings being given, their personal world opens to new dimensions previously unimagined. New vistas open before them which pave the way to ever greater perspectives of the infinite richness of the universe that they dwell in. They also begin to understand that they have only touched the surface of the infinite well of creativity and abundance that comprises their individual spirit and that there is much more that can be made manifest. As they find the courage to share this with others, more knowledge at ever deeper levels becomes available through them to go out into the world.

I AM Hilarion.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

Published February 28, 2023 on www.therainbowscribe.com. Copyright Written by ©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the Messenger, Author, Ascended Master and originator of this content. This content is for your personal use only! Permission is not given for redistribution of this content in any way, shape, or form!