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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! That which is coming to pass must be allowed to play out. Please continue to hold space for humanity to choose a better way of living by exercising their inner discernment about making the right choices in what is now before them. Once the results are tallied, the realizations that the correct choices have been made will become evident in the events that take place soon after. Many scenarios will play out on the world stage that will open awareness of the people to a reality they did not perceive as real before and a feeling of overwhelm will come upon them. However, there will be those who will play the role of intermediary between different factions in order to bring truth to the table.

From the higher perspective, the way will have opened to take humanity and the Earth into a new field of consciousness, a new reality where great improvements and solutions to long standing issues and concerns are finally addressed. There have been plans within plans that begin to unfold in plain sight of everyone, everywhere on the planet. These plans concern how to re-establish health and well being in all of the Earth’s citizens, and as their fears and worries are alleviated, the world’s citizens will begin to work together to implement changes within all areas of human life on Earth and for all of her inhabitants as well. These plans will be quickly implemented and set in place.

These plans will require the direct follow through on the part of many of the world’s citizens as they gather together to brainstorm solutions that enhance the well being of the entire planet. It will begin in each community as people of all ages join together to effect solution- based outcomes to all the challenges that face their community. Gone will be the ways of ‘me first’ and ‘what is in it for me?’ There will be more the sincere feeling of ‘all for one and one for all’. Humanity will uphold the higher moral conduct that is required to change their world to one that ensures the safety and well being of everyone on this, their planet, which is their home. This criteria will be the ‘new normal’ that is followed as people take full responsibility in all aspects of their lives.

Accepting their own sovereignty requires being totally accountable in all the choices that are made, for humanity has learned the truth that they are the ones who create their world. Anything that is brought forward by others that is not in alignment with the higher vision of the world they desire will require their discernment and ability to state firmly ‘I do not consent to…’. This, of course, requires more awareness and exploration of any concept that is brought before them and taking nothing for granted as being so because someone said so! They have become aware that they need to know all the facts before making a decision that can affect their world. This will, in time, create a feeling of trust and confidence in their interactions with each other.

When this new state of inter-relating with others is experienced, peace and harmony will prevail. This will lead to the experience of more joy and happiness within them and the feeling of hope and certainty that their lives are on the correct course. They will begin to explore that which they desire to bring forth into the world from their own unique talents, abilities and inner resources and this will bring much beauty and harmony to the planet. They will work in concert with the elemental kingdoms and the other beings who co-exist alongside them. When joy and happiness is experienced within each person on a daily basis, the Earth and all her kingdoms will prosper and thrive as the laws of nature are acknowledged and followed as well as the Universal laws.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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