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The above image of Ascended Master Hilarion was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 




Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There are portents everywhere that are informing the people of the world that a great change is taking place upon their planet and that it is time for them to awaken to the knowledge that all are connected to each other. Those who have tried to separate humanity from each other and from their connection to the divine are now being faced with the realities of their decisions and choices. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hide the growing numbers of the world’s peoples who are seeking a peaceful existence. Until the root cause of this is addressed, it will only continue. Those who seek domination through acts of war will continue to be exposed to the effects of it and will have to deal with the problems they have created so that it is to the satisfaction of the world’s population. The sooner they realize that everyone on Earth deserves a life of peaceful co-existence, the sooner peace on Earth will come to pass. All their efforts to date are reflecting directly back to them the problems they have created through their decisions and actions. They must take responsibility and be held accountable for them.

All human interactions must begin to take place in honesty, sincerity and transparency, for the old ways of intrigue and backroom agreements are over. Those who continue in the old ways are being brought to the light of truth and will be held accountable. This fact of the workings of the new energies is being brought to the awareness in every nation in the world. It behooves the leaders of each nation to extend true compassion and kindness to those who are making clear to them that humanity will no longer tolerate any form of deceit, dishonesty and disrespect. The world has truly become a melting pot where each race is represented in each nation and the concept of ‘the other’ will no longer apply. For it is becoming increasingly clear that within each human heart beats the love and wisdom of the Creator of All That Is, that each individual throughout the world is aligned in oneness with every other individual. All seek to express this truth in their everyday lives.

The Great Awakening of the Earth’s people has begun in earnest and every event that occurs will reflect this fact. There will continue to be many challenges to experience, as it is the challenges and obstacles that arise that facilitate the awakenings in each human heart. At some point, the realization will come that humanity is participating in this cosmic evolution together and from that point forward, an acceleration of awakening consciousness will sweep the world. You who read or listen to this message are those who are in the forefront, you have passed all the tests that were given and you are now being further fortified in your role as Light Bearers. You are entering into a new phase of movement and activity. Connect within your heart daily and have faith that what is required of you shall be revealed to you.

You will have to continue to accept and assimilate the increased energetic influxes and this will facilitate remembrance of your part in the workings of the Divine plan as it plays out. You are the love brigade, the wielders of the highest alchemy of the greatest force in the entire universe. Hold steady and let go of any energies or situations that are in opposition to this understanding. Your mind is the builder and you are building a majestic new world for all souls to enjoy. The denser energies have no part in your everyday existence and any remaining vestiges of these are quickly dissipating from your consciousness and your auric energy field. Allow your Divine Essence to speak through voice and words, allow your Divine Essence to radiate its goodness out into the world around you. Staying small and invisible will no longer be possible for the Light Bearers, adjust to this knowledge and be assured that you walk in safety and protection at all times.

Your guides and angelic teams are being upgraded in order that your role be optimized and empowered to greater effect. This does not mean that you become someone different; it means that now you are operating at the level of the higher aspects of self, your true and authentic Divine self. You will be guided to make the choices that will lead you to the manifestation of your highest dreams and your perfect purpose here on Earth. You will be guided and inspired to move forward to the next right step. You will be inspired with ideas that bring you success in all of your highest aspirations in your role as a way shower.

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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