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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The winds of change continue to blow through every part of the planet. It is a symbiotic process. Humanity is beginning to notice that their entire planet and all her inhabitants are a part of a greater whole, and that whatever one person does, says, or thinks has an impact upon the entire population and the systems that have been in place. No longer can a person deny their responsibility to live a more ethical existence. Humankind must now awaken to this awareness.

These times call for more alertness and awareness in the citizens of every country, for every country is being cleansed and purified by the forces of nature that surround them. This can impact their lives in very challenging ways and these challenges bring the need for these ones to dig deep in order to endure them. In this process, the people redefine that which has true importance in their life and let go of that which no longer matters. Life is seen from a different perspective, a perspective of humble gratitude for the precious gift of life that each has been given so that they can have the experiences that help their soul to evolve and grow to a fully awakened Divine human.

 Awaken they must! It is what their eternal soul has chosen and it can be a pleasant and joyous experience or it can be a time of intense challenges and change, depending on what still needs to be learned through their experiences. Humanity needs to see the universal perspective rather than the small lens of their individual perspective.

The mainstream media will continue to turn out the same stories, recycling them over and over again, ad nauseum. They continually stay on the same track and the initial motivation behind it all. They are hoping that people won’t notice that they really have no new news to report in their politics only genre. The reporters who work for the mainstream media are trying to hang in there and persist in their constant repetitions of the same story - which has the world’s population yawning in exasperated boredom.

The Light has come and it is here to stay! It is the time! As it gets ever brighter, it exposes everything that is not in resonance with it. Those who wore masks to hide their true nature are finding it increasingly difficult to do so. They are being seen as they really are more and more often. This is because the planet has entered the era of transparency, the era of unity consciousness and those who have wielded power under the old paradigm know that they cannot do so for much longer.

This Light that comes in ever increasing intensity has been changing everything and everyone from the inside out. The adage “As above, so below” takes on its true import now. Individuals will find all illusions they have been living under simply fading away as though they never existed. The Divine truth takes hold in every aspect of human life. The citizens of the world will hold each other accountable for every dishonest act that is attempted and eventually each person will begin to self correct that which they deem needs changing in order to reflect the love they hold within them.

 Peace and goodwill will become the normal way of interaction between people and each will strive to keep clarity at the forefront in the decisions they make, for now they will know without a doubt that their actions, words, thoughts and deeds reflect back to them much more swiftly than before. Each person will make the choice to stay in their luminosity as they move towards manifesting their highest and greatest potential. They will rise like the phoenix to the truth of their Divinity and their oneness with All That Is.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

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