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     The Hilarion Connection©Update - August 2018




Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There are many alignments taking place from the cosmic perspective and this will impact all inhabitants on the Earth in one way or another. Your reaction to these events will vary according to your level of awareness on what is taking place and on your readiness to receive and integrate more Light into your etheric field which in turn filters down into your physical body and reality. As you already know, more Light can mean more cleansing and purging of deep patterns held in the cells that need to be recognized, transmuted and transcended.

Most of you who read or listen to this message are basically on track with your soul plan and you have many tools at your disposal to implement at will as needed to stay on track. Being out in the midst of nature is a basic,  simple and effective method that will help you to stay grounded to the Earth at the same time. Touching the ground in your bare feet and asking the Earth to take all that no longer serves you and transmute it into energy that she can use in anyway that she needs it most is a very effective way of clearing and still being of assistance to the planet and all her inhabitants.

 Look to the future of your planet with hope and anticipation and feel this within your heart and mind. This constant re-affirmation of a beautiful peaceful planet where everyone and everything is thriving helps to cement this into the new template of the new Earth reality. Cast aside any energies to the contrary that you encounter in your daily mundane existence, for these only desire to distract the majority of people in the most chaotic of ways. However, it has been set in place that all such attempts will boomerang back to the sender of such ill intent and these ones will need then to have to deal with their own creations.

 Many of you have discovered that you are dwelling in two or more dimensions now and this is a learning curve for most people. It requires the faith within to believe that what you are experiencing is real, for it often feels like a daydream. Just observe and adjust to this new ability as much as possible. Stay hydrated and set aside at least one time each day to center and ground yourself into the planet which is your home. Give support wherever possible to help with events that are occurring with greater profusion across the entire length and breadth of the planet. Difficult as it is, you are all in this together!

Send a smile and the pink ray of Divine love to every person you encounter. You never know how this simple act can impact another’s life for the better. BE the love and the Light in each moment, for you are an emissary of the Divine and can make a huge difference! Do not falter in your Lightwork, it is of the utmost importance during these chaotic times. Breathe in peace, breathe out peace and practice this as often as you consciously can each day. Call on the Angels and Family of Light for assistance wherever you discern it is needed. We are ready and willing!

Until next month…

 I AM Hilarion

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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