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      The Hilarion Connection©Update - August 2020


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The energies coming in the months ahead are intensified love Light. It will make those who are not resonating with this energy feel like their world has turned upside down, with everything they believed in being revealed as not what they think it is. They will see their thoughts manifesting around them almost instantly – any lies, collusions, deceits and corruption they participate in will have to be faced by them and brought into accountability. We caution each of you to discipline your thoughts towards all the good that you want to experience in your daily life. As we have often said, find things every day to be grateful for. Feeling gratitude will increase the pleasant happenings in your life and these will manifest very quickly.

Nurture your body, mind and spirit with online activities that make you laugh and feel good about yourself, your loved ones and others around you. Watch only positive, happy movies that leave you feeling uplifted and inspired and in tune with Creator Source. Align everyday with thoughts that make you happy, especially when confronted with images and fear based negative thinking. Learn to observe when this happens and when it does, just say “NO – not my reality!” Choose to experience all that is good, all that is decent and empowering to you and others and this is the ripple effect that will go out into the atmosphere of the planet to empower the entirety of Creation. Doing so will uplift our planet into joy and in this way, make it a sacred home for the purified “made as new” humans.

You are in preparation stage for learning how the new reality works. In this new reality, all your thoughts and feelings are instantaneously manifested as your outward experience. (This is already happening for some of you…you know it as synchronicity and signposts along the way). It is better to cleanse any inner motivations that are not in alignment with the highest good of all as quickly and responsibly as you can. The current period of time is to allow everything not in alignment with your highest and greatest good to rise up from within you that can create a blockage to attaining purity within your being. Inner purity in body, mind and spirit is key to forward movement.  

The new game, if you will, in the new reality is to operate your daily affairs in complete transparency, for nothing can remain hidden for long. Everyone will know this truth and this will gradually encourage people to trust each other. This will facilitate remarkable progress in bringing forth new spiritual technology that is helpful for the entire planet and her inhabitants. Many positive and life enhancing changes will manifest. In this moment of now, it is massive and collective cleansing and purifying that we are seeing on a global scale. What used to work before to camouflage undesirable motivations and actions within individuals no longer does. Using distractions by manipulating the collective consciousness to think in certain directions will have no effect, as long as each individual is purified within their inner sanctum.

For when one’s heart is pure, it is fearless and automatically protected. Any negative energy sent one’s way will bounce instantly back to the sender who will then have to deal with the chaos they intended for the other. When this is happening often enough to be discerned in the sender’s awareness, they will see that their huge deception over humanity is completely over and done with. They will not be able to control and manipulate humans in order to have a body to use as their tool. These beings, even now, are leaving the planet in great haste. They know their time is ended here.  

Until next month,

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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