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    The Hilarion Connection©Update - December 2017


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There is much that is changing upon your planet and within the consciousness of all humans who are incarnate at this time. Light is growing ever stronger and is bringing the energy of love with it for the two are interconnected – where there is Light there is love. This higher frequency energy is creating great changes within every  human heart and in their human physiology. All is recalibrating, this of course, is not something that will happen instantly, for if it happened instantly, the human physiology would be ‘fried’ as the term is in Earthly language.

It would be too much for the human body and consciousness to withstand, so therefore all is occurring in a gentle natural way, for it was decided that all of humanity be a part of this movement so that all could ascend with their planet when the time is right. In order for this to happen, humanity as a whole must be purged of all negativity, of all dark places within their beings that need cleansing, clearing and purifying. It is a tedious process, we know, but is one that must take place. There are many souls who have chosen to leave before the ascension of the planet and its people occurs. This is part of their plan and it does not mean that they have lost the opportunity to advance in their spiritual evolution.

Perhaps these beings did not need to go through the experiences of ascension in a more direct manner and so they are leaving the Earth during these times. All is as it should be and it is a natural completion of their incarnation that is occurring and it is done with greater love and assistance than was available for souls before. Each entity soul who is leaving this planet is surrounded by myriads of Light beings who help them find their way to the other side and this veil is thinning with every passing day so that communication between the two worlds becomes easier and easier as time marches on.

Each individual soul is being assisted and helped and being well looked after. There is no need for worry or concern, be assured that they have made it to the other side, be assured that all is well in their experience and in their new reality. All is as it should be. Each individual soul who has left the Earthly plane of existence is quickly brought to full consciousness so that they can watch, observe, learn, be a part of and be of assistance as the Earth and her inhabitants enter the ascension process. It is a very empowering opportunity for both observers and those who are having the direct experience on the material level of existence.

This experience is seen as a stellar opportunity by all who are involved! For those from the other side who are watching, the experience will be viewed as victorious for all concerned, both discarnate and incarnate. For as you know, what occurs for one soul occurs for all souls, everyone gains from the experience. There is much that will be gained from this process for all concerned. Any seeming Earthly catastrophes are viewed from the higher perspective as an experience that was chosen by each soul for the intrinsic value that it brings them. It must be understood by all of humanity that this is a time of unprecedented opportunities, magical potentials and potent possibilities that will bring the Heaven on Earth that all have worked for many lifetimes to achieve.

 The many beings from the inner realms of reality continue to gather as events upon and within the planet continue to unfold. This process also involves the unseen beings who have always been a part of the evolutionary path on this planet. Many invisible to the human eye beings who have worked ceaselessly to bring the planet and its inhabitants to this stage also have a stake in the ascension process. They are directly involved with the renewing of the planet on every level as the changes take place. It is therefore important for humanity to view these beings with reverence, deep gratitude and appreciation for their role and for being a part of all that is occurring.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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