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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! You are entering a new octave where there is an increase in the affairs of the world taking center stage. As the current structures of all that was before undergo the changes that are necessary, the world’s people will find themselves seeking new ways, alternate ways of living their lives in their daily existence. Some of this will be brought about by the economic changes that continue to drive the priorities of those who have been in power who are now finding themselves in unsupported territory. The new energies do not support service to self mentality and so, this is a rude awakening to them and also to the people of the world who worked within these structures.

The events that are occurring on the world’s stage will drive the inhabitants of the planet to go within to their core essence, their Divine Essence, to regroup and redefine what their true motivation for living on this planet was all about. They will adapt and respond in a way of self empowerment, reclaiming their self sovereignty and will quietly use this God given authority of self to create beneficial and positive ways that serve the good of themselves and their loved ones and through their compassion, others also. There is a way forward and it is the Creators way. All else is falling away as the illusive reality that did not serve the greater good. People will unite with others in their communities to focus on restoring a way of life that focuses on seeing to the basic needs of all.

As this trend develops and as people continue to work together to make this reality manifest in their area of the world, there will come a point where a greater collective of like-minded individuals will start organizing groups that see to the overall needs of all the world’s citizens. This development will not materialize immediately but when it is seen by the world’s people to actually serve the common good of all, the way forward will open before them. That which took decades to manifest in the previous millennium will happen very quickly and lead to ever greater changes and developments. This will be an exciting time in the development of new technology that is beneficial to the planet and her inhabitants.

Each individual, as they re-evaluate the true meaning of life lived upon their planet will be inspired to bring forth ever greater ways to enhance what has been built to that point that supports all life upon their world. The old ways of duality will be no more, for now the inhabitants will be working in unity for the collective good of all who exist in their world and reality. Life on Earth becomes more peaceful and heart centered. In their discourse with others, humanity will engage the sacred qualities of the Divine and act with higher intentions and integrity in their fellowship with those around them. Loving acts of kindness and generosity will be considered normal and only the right thing to do in each encounter.

 This will be a time of living in close alignment with the Earth, as people begin to understand the biological connective importance of the Earth with their human forms and the importance of knowing that each component interrelates with all the others. The Earth was made to care for, nurture and sustain all biological life forms and many new ways of connecting to this wondrous sentient being in total respect and love will develop. This will create many magical practices within humanity and other kingdoms of the Earth which utilize the sacred energies of the Divine of which the Earth is a part of in all things. Miracles and magic will be the order of each day as each sentient being follows their inner guidance and lives from their heart.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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