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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The matters of the Earth continue in their reformation and renaissance. All that was before is being changed and this, of course, brings tumultuous energies at times as events unfold. Seen from the soul’s perspective, this is a glorious ride you have chosen to be a part of before you entered this current incarnation. You were aware it would happen and you knew it would all be occurring without full consciousness and remembrance on your part. At the present time, the opening, cleansing and refinement of the heart chakra is what is occurring for those who have reached this level of soul growth.

As the heart (both physical and etheric) is being purified, it is bringing up many energies and impressions you have taken on subconsciously and stored in your cells as you lived your life on a daily basis. You are also realizing that these energies and thoughts are not your own energies but ones that you ‘picked up’ from others. There are some strong transmutations that are taking place with the actual physical heart and this clearing and cleansing can feel intense and so we advise extra rest and adequate hydration during this process.

Many of you are becoming ever more sensitive to ingredients contained within the food that you ingest and this is creating discomfort in the esophagus and throat area. The symptoms are of too much acidity in the system which irritates the throat and causes dry coughing to occur spontaneously. It would be beneficial to avoid foods that cause excess acidity and consume a more alkaline diet. By doing research on the foods to eat and which ones to avoid, it can help to alleviate this discomfort. If you have been experiencing excess acidity, it might be wise to adhere to a strict alkaline producing diet for a time until the symptoms abate.

It is important to be aware that your physical bodies are susceptible to unusual symptoms as the alchemical changes take place within them and that you need to take steps to adapt to this process. Eating raw, fresh foods and taking a daily concentrated greens powder in a glass of juice can be helpful during this process as well as adding some liquid chlorophyll. This will assist with bringing greater balance within the human operating system.

Keeping your daily meals simple by not consuming too much variety in each meal will also serve you well. Also of importance to know is that eliminating sugar products will clear up many discomforts that you may be experiencing as this product is not conducive to maintaining good health. And of course, the elimination of all processed and refined foods can benefit you greatly. If your food comes in a package it means that the beneficial life force that is of benefit to the human body is not present in the food.

Sometimes what works for one person will not be helpful for another so it is important to be connected within, utilizing your own internal guidance system. Listen to this quiet voice within when it attempts to speak to you to let you know what your body needs each day. The more you become aware of this guidance and follow the wisdom, the more powerful this internal guidance becomes in all facets of your life. Each time you do this, you take back your own spiritual power and you will ultimately achieve mastery over every area of your life.

Know thyself and honor that knowing, for you are the ‘expert’ when it comes to your own body, what it needs to maintain balance and optimal health. Your body is the temple, it is the vehicle for your soul’s expression and it needs to be purified in order that the higher aspects of your Divine essence can embody it. A purified mind and body makes this connection much easier and filled with grace. It opens the way for a much deeper connection to the spiritual realms to occur and this opens the door for your many spiritual gifts to emerge and rise to the surface for your recognition, utilization, learning and growth so that you can expand and step into the extraordinary person that you know you truly are.

Find ways to experience joy and laughter in every moment, even when the tasks you are performing feel boring and tedious. It is all a mindset, so if you look for happiness in everything you do, you will give yourself the gift of the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation. By doing inner and outer clearing, you create the space for new opportunities to come flooding into your life and this creates a better world for yourself, your loved ones and the entire world. The universe responds to those who shine brightly from their heart showering them with ongoing blessings, miracles and happy synchronicities.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion


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