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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The way before you is becoming clearer and you will find yourselves moving forward with amazing speed and focus. This is just what you have needed in order to take up the projects that have lain dormant while you assimilated a lot of awakening and activating energies and come to terms with unusual situations that have occurred in your life. These are still coming through and will continue to do so but you will weather the energies as they come in without feeling as though you are taking two steps backward. You are transmuting, transforming and transcending all that still comes up to the surface for your attention. You have learned to identify what is coming forth with life situations from the past and so you merely note that and change your thought to something else in its place, something pleasant.

This is how you transcend the situations in your life into a life that is lived in its highest potential. You must remember that each of you is a universe unto yourself, therefore you as the creator of it can exercise and engage higher thoughts of that which you desire to create and then observe as these become manifest in your reality. This skill level is an advanced ability of creation and manifestation to those who are on the path to mastery of themselves and their planetary collective thoughtfield. Those who are able to perform this ability easily are well on their way to the completion of their  chosen soul lessons and the way before them beckons into new horizons. There are so many possibilities to ponder that it can become quite overwhelming.

What to choose from the menu before you? Do you want to explore new healing modalities, do you want to learn how to draw, paint, play music, dance, grow a garden without using pesticides, create sculptures that add great beauty to your surroundings, learn to beat your new drum and join or create a new drumming circle, do you want to write that great novel? The difficulty now is making a choice and honing in on what it is you want to do. It is a strictly personal exploration and there is no wrong or right way in the doing of it. It is merely the wonderful realization that you have been the creator of your life all along but it was society’s programming that encouraged you to take the ‘safe’ route and stay small, rather than living large. Now living large looms in front of you!

 Living large means you have the choice as to how you wish to approach this new arena of exploration. What will be your focus, what will be your purpose, what will be your own unique way. Is it to be timid and careful in the beginning and then burst out of that limitation into success in ways you could only dream about before? Or should you just go for it right from the beginning and take a chance that everything will work out as you envisioned? The world really is your oyster as they say, you can do anything, and it is up to you to find the pearl in every situation! Trust in your own inner guidance and your beautiful heart, if you do so, you will always be in Divine timing and placement at exactly the right time to reap the harvest of the seeds of love and light you have sown and which have grown into joyous abundance everywhere you turn.

Yes – you too, the constant giver, are now ready to reap the good that you have sown so persistently and generously throughout the years. You have always done what was asked of you in faith and trust. You have held your yoke of responsibility with tenacity, faith and loyalty even through the most trying of times and circumstances. These did not break you but made you ever stronger within so that you always rise like the phoenix as the fires of initiation come upon you.  The Universe is smiling down upon you and awaits your command! Accept that this is so and allow the flow to become a raging river…you are so deserving of this! Know that you are blessed and revered upon the higher planes of consciousness.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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