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        THE HILARION CONNECTION© UPDATE                                           JULY 2020


The above image of Hilarion is a portrait that was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall.  All rights reserved.



Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The planets of our solar system continue to align and converge in ways that bring in powerful forces that effect changes in the structures of societal systems which were considered a ‘normal’ way of living. These systems are being changed and adjusted each day as people discover that what worked for them before no longer does.

Many people are quickly understanding that exploitation and manipulation of other people in order to make an above average income for oneself does not have the desired outcome as previously experienced. One must begin the practice of engaging practical spirituality in meeting one’s needs and applying higher principles of conduct in order to succeed.

 This is because there is a different energy permeating and at work upon the planet now. This energy works through a person aligning with Divine principles of honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, respect and value. People generally will be able to discern what is true or not more than ever before. Those who try to use old paradigm principles will simply not be seen or heard by the collective of humanity.

This trend will require each person to honestly evaluate their own soul character and change any beliefs, attitudes and practices that no longer resonate with the new energy that now permeates everything. This activity will bring healing at a deep level within each soul and as this is let go of and released, it affects the entire collective of humanity in a most beneficial way. 

 We ask you the Lightworkers, do not take on the thought projections of others that are out there that are not in alignment with your highest truth. We ask you to become more discerning – for as soon as you give attention to these, you are distracted from your purpose which is to maintain your Light, your love, your purity, peace and harmony in order to stabilize the planet during these chaotic times. Be aware!

Yes, we understand that there are many stories each day that are spreading across the social media sites. You, the Lightworkers, know by now which are of the highest truth and which are not and it is important that you not immerse yourself in these stories, for they can make it very difficult to keep your energy field and thought patterns pure and clear. Do not become discouraged by the stories that you read or hear. Seen from a higher perspective, all is working in Divine order.

 We encourage you to call upon the brotherhood and sisterhood of Truth from the Temple of Truth, that we may join with you as you make your calls each day, call upon all the Ascended Master realms, include everyone that you can think of from the higher realms, all of the Archangels, the Angel realms, the Galactic brothers and sisters, the Celestial Beings of Light, the tree families, the animal, bird and insects kingdoms, and the sea kingdoms.

Call in the elementals, everyone that you can think of to join with you. For this, in truth, is the entire whole of who we are! All is as One and when you call in these other beings that remain invisible to most human eyes, as you call them in, they can then become a greater, stronger presence during the Lightwork that is being done and do their work upon this planet which they have done since the beginning. They all desire to help, they all desire to assist during these times. Call these ones in from the deepest recesses of your heart, for the more intensely you can feel what you are requesting, the easier it becomes to manifest that reality into this planet.

 The grids that are established upon the Earth and within the Earth – the crystalline grids – are responding to the higher Light that is being poured down and the Earth is lighting up from the higher perspective. Everything that you, the Lightworker, are calling for first has its reality on the higher planes, the etheric planes and then it filters into the Earth’s atmosphere, into your realities. This is how the energy works so do not give up, keep doing what you’re doing for it is having a positive influence in the realities that are being created in your new Ascended Earth reality.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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