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 Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love!  As ever, we stand in awe at your tenacity and magnificence! No matter the situation or events that assail you, you spread your mighty angel wings and fly right through them or over them. Our Scribe uses the example of the water element that has served her beautifully through the test of time and that example is – if one finds a mountain blocking their path forward, be like the water, go around the mountain and find another route to achieve your end result. Think outside the box and you will always find the way forward. These times are full of surprises, some very shocking and hard to believe, nevertheless, they are placed upon your path in order to hone and strengthen the jewel, the priceless treasure of your spirit that you hold within your heart.

 Life everywhere quickens and a second wind is bestowed upon all. Do not underestimate the power that you hold, for as you decree that it is so, it IS so! You are the agents of change of the positive and benevolent kind. It is important to follow your guidance and your intuition as to the way forward and you will find yourself at times speaking the words of command as the Divine speaks right through you. When you discern that this is happening, know that the embodiment of the higher aspects of your soul has begun in earnest. You will know yourself as one who serves the Divine plan as you perform your particular Divine mission in the current lifetime. All that is not in alignment with the Divine will be removed from your sphere of influence. The profane in all its many guises will be in your field of potential no more. Instead, grace fulfills all that is holy and sacred within and around you.

 The key during these times is to find and stay in balance and this is accomplished through the alignment of both the feminine and masculine energies within you. Becoming familiar with and engaging the sacred qualities of Divine nature is also very helpful to keep oneself on track. The wave of the future lies in the further embodiment of one’s Divine nature within one’s physical body, mind and spirit as we return to the Clear Light of God. We foresee a time coming when every soul upon the planet will be aspiring to achieve greater Light and higher consciousness within their own personal experiences of the Divine. The days of giving one’s personal power away to others will have disappeared from collective consciousness. There will still be those known as teachers but the teaching style will be most different from that which is accepted today.

 The new egalitarian society that is the destiny of humanity as they move forward into the future will serve the needs of all and will give everyone equal rights under the laws of the land. This is the precept that all sentient people/beings are equal in fundamental worth or moral status. The people of the not too distant future will embrace each other as a Divine spark of the Creator and will honor the Divine within each individual. Each individual will endeavour each day to be a living example of a truly enlightened Divine human living upon a brave new world that seeks to transcend all former limitations and instead embrace unlimited potential and possibility.

As humanity cooperates in the new structure of society, peace will settle upon the land and abundance will become available to everyone. All basic human needs will be met – everyone will have food, clothing, shelter and safety in all facets of life and living. This will eliminate many of the lower vibration tendencies associated with lack, scarcity and fear as people become more relaxed and trusting in their interactions with each other. A persons word given will have meaning once again. The sacred qualities of the Divine within humanity is the shift that is taking place upon the Earth during these times. This can and will change everything!

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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