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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The way forward has been shown and this realization is now taking root in the collective field of the spiritual Light beacons of this world. Those who have (and continue to) bravely maintain their Light through many trying and testing situations, including the experience of pain in various parts of their physical body, are now realizing that it is a collective experience. It is, at this point in the ascension process, a necessity to clear the physical body of all energetic blockages and obstructions to the entrance and embodiment of more Light into this wondrous physical vehicle that is now in the process of transformation from a denser form to that of one that is more Light-filled. It is true that each person must hold and sustain 99.9% Light in their physical body.

 When this event occurs, one’s higher self can and does, embody the physical vehicle. Then there will be an integration that takes place, the length of which can vary from person to person. For some, it will take a relatively short period of time (a few months). For others, it will take many years to accomplish. It should be stated here that this process is occurring within every soul living upon the planet. None are exempt from this event as it occurs, for in order for the entirety of humanity to enter the higher realms of consciousness, one must also see to the purification of their physical vehicle. As you already know, the physical body is destined to go through this alchemical transformation into a pure vehicle for God’s expression in the world of form.

The pain that is currently being experienced is from the lower density form nearest the actual physical body. This body has been termed the body elemental in times past. This is where each soul’s akashic records have been stored and kept track of for all of the soul’s incarnations upon this and other planets. The same body elemental has been a constant companion of every soul through each and every incarnation they have experienced. There have been too many painful experiences that have been experienced by each soul that have remained unresolved and relegated to the unconscious levels of the mind and this has been unnecessarily holding back the spiritual progress of each soul in almost every lifetime.

Now is the time to ‘upgrade’ this body elemental being to one of greater Light so that one’s soul can take part in the ascension process that is now occurring. As the cleansing and purging of the physical, mental-etheric, and emotional bodies continues, it actually paves the way for one’s ‘higher self’ to embody one’s physical, mental-etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies. The ultimate objective is that the lowest body of each person living upon the Earth planet will be what was once known as the ‘higher self’. Each individual will be a living Light of the Creator Source in expression here on Earth. The lower bodies will slowly fade away in the etheric realms and will no longer impact the emergence of the Light and luminosity that exists within each soul’s operating system.

There are many gradual changes within the divine human operating system that has to take place in order for this to happen. This process has never been attempted before anywhere in Creation so it is something that requires constant updating and changing as it occurs. The Divine Plan is in a state of constant change along with everything else in the universe. There are no hard or fast rules to go by except to follow general common sense and wise advice as before, which is stay hydrated, be out in nature amongst the tree family, plants, flowers, and other kingdoms of the Earth and nurture yourselves and others as and when you can. Sometimes, all that can be accomplished is that you sleep longer hours than you have been previously. Follow the promptings of your physical, mental and emotional bodies, release all that comes up from the past, replace with the Clear Light of God once you have done this and everything will continue to improve. Be patient and trust that all is well.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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