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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The work of inner processing with each individual is continuing as each refines the energies that they hold in order that they may become completely clear of all that could hinder their forward movement into higher levels and dimensions. It has not been an easy process, we know, but it is one that is necessary, for all that does not resonate with the higher Light and energies must be eliminated before one can move to the next level of their spiritual journey into the Light.

The way before you now is the path of discernment. It is the balancing of the use of power through right action and right thinking. This is the work of the alchemist and is the next step and most of you are firmly walking this path. Discernment is the key here, for there is much that is happening that needs one’s inner connection to higher guidance in order to understand that which is truth and that which is not. The entire spectrum of all polarities that have ever existed upon the planet are rampant at this time and it requires this very important quality to be exercised on a minute by minute basis.

Seen from the higher perspective, all is well. All is moving in accordance with the Divine Plan for the Earth and for all of humanity. All is well, it is all good and is proceeding perfectly. The next two or three years will be focused upon the recalibration of the human physical body of everyone upon the planet. This is a time of greater cleansing, a time of further integration as the energies continue to flow upon the planet from the cosmos. This process is helping to transform the body physical into a more pure and refined vehicle that is luminous and vibrates to a higher frequency.

This must be done before the Earth as a whole, ascends. By daily aligning with your Divine Essence and knowing that you come from Divine Source and seeing this also within all those around you, you continue to hold the Light and the vision for an era of Light, a renaissance of love, creativity, and unlimited possibilities. This is the vista that is unfolding before your eyes. It is a beautiful future that shines like a beacon in front of you, so do not falter, Beloved Ones, continue to do your spiritual work on a daily basis and BE that shining emissary for others to follow by your example.

There is a peaceful solution to every problem, every difficulty that you may encounter. There is always a higher way to resolve them and we ask each of you to look for those in any situation that you are currently encountering. Love is the way, Dear Ones, love is the answer! Walk upon this planet in full confidence that you are never alone, that we, your Family of Light, walk with you. We advise you, we work with you as your body and mind lies sleeping. You each have wonderful, loving councils of Light that you commune with on a nightly basis so that you do not stray from the path that you have chosen.

 This is the year of new beginnings and this is something that each of you is striving to accomplish by letting go of all that is no longer needed, by fulfilling and completing goals that were started during the last cycle. The new beginnings are happening simultaneously and so, sometimes you feel as though you are straddling two worlds, two dimensions, and hoping that you will not fall through the cracks. You remain the powerful bridge of Light, love and truth as is your mission upon the planet. You will not fail no matter what takes place, we see and know this! Stay firmly resolved to hold the space for the reality that you desire to manifest upon your world.

Spiritual breakthroughs into higher consciousness are occurring on a moment by moment basis within every heart! People are awakening, people are taking a stand, they are choosing the higher Light, to be love, to be peace, to be the ambassador for the good of the world rather than the opposite that is being portrayed throughout the news media. It is humanity’s choice that the world becomes a sanctuary of Light, love, peace, harmony and goodwill amongst all humanity. This is what you have chosen already and this is what is manifesting - so hold to your visions and never falter.

Many of you are being initiated on the inner planes for the spiritual work that you have done and for the accomplishments that you have made. It is all coming into your waking reality now. Be open to it, watch for it, listen for it. We speak to you when your mind is at peace, is still and at rest. We let you know of those accomplishments, we honor you and applaud you for all that you have contributed to the forward movement into the ascension of this planet and everyone upon it. Let your footprints upon your planet continue to be Light-filled so that you do not leave a trail of chaos but only love, peace and harmony, so that you leave only that which is beneficial and nurturing to all.

Cherish each other, value another person’s place in your life, whether it is through friendship, through intimate love relationship, through family relationship; cherish and savour your connection, for this is what is most important, the connection of one soul to another. This is what gives true meaning to a soul’s journey into physical reality - for that is what you take with you when you leave. This is what is most important – the soul qualities that you take with you – for silver and gold cannot be taken with you as you move into the higher realms.

It is only that which you have transmuted within yourself – transmuting the lead into gold. This is what you carry with you into the higher dimensions and each one of you is shining in your luminosity. Your hearts are shining with a beautiful luminous golden Light. Walk in love, walk in peace!

Until next month…

 I AM Hilarion

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